Friday, October 17, 2008

Yeah...I Changed The Look Again

Sometimes it just doesnt feel right. I don't like having to squeeze my thoughts down the middle of a page. I like to spread out. The backgrounds on the site I used for the others is limited for stretch minima, which is what I ended up using, but I don't care. I want to be able to SEE what I am doing. I still don't like the picture format. One is the size I am using, the other I would like to use, but is too big. I would have to use the Simple template to be able to use those pictures, the big ones that is. With the Simple it is very limited as to a sidebar and stuff, so I guess I won't use that one. I just liked being able to use BIG pictures.

So, what is everyone planning on doing this weekend? My younger sister is coming back from a trip to Paris, France with pictures and video to show. She is supposed to come by on Saturday. I will be busy outside, but we can still visit. Saturday is a busy day for me. I have to stock fresh water and food for everyone, clean out waterers and feeders. This weekend will be extra busy though as I will be starting to cover pens with heavy duty tarp. I will cover the tops, sides and back side. The fronts will stay open until it gets really cold and I need to add heat lamps. Once winter settles in the only time I uncover the front is if its going to be sunny and at least in the fifties.

Sunday I hope Shelby and I can get upstairs and do some cleaning. Next Friday is her birthday and her friend Tiffany and her mother, and my friend too, Karen..will be coming for the weekend. We are all going to be going out to eat and to the Georgia aquarium for both the girls birthday. They are only six days apart, both turning fourteen.

Ian had some news about work. They will be going back on 8 hour shifts, five days a week, Monday through Friday. The plant will be shut down on weekends. This always seems like a good idea to the higher ups in the company, but it never works. You see, Ian works in maintenance. The best time for maintenance to be there is when the machines are not running, but no, they will be shut down on the weekends. No one will be there. Pretty soon there will be whining and crying about machines breaking and no one to fix them. By January and February the plant will go back on continuous operation. This happens every year. They try to cut corners and save a buck only to have everyone come back in and work like crazy to catch up and end up paying them overtime anyway. This all is supposed to start November.

In the meantime we will tighten our belts and stay home. No visits to Mama and Daddys. None to his Dad and Christis. We will just have to watch our money. I hate it, but its only for a couple of months and we will be fine. We arent going to the poor house or anything. Just have to watch our spending and be careful. We havent been out to eat in a while now, but won't be going our for a while longer for sure now. Looks like we will be watching a lot of Netflix movies, but thats okay, we love our Netflix.

So thats my weekend. Sounds boring I know, but I do enjoy being outside taking care of my animals. It takes all day sometimes, just because I stop and watch, pick someone up here and there and love on them. Talk to them. I get sidetracked easily, but I enjoy it. Its time to get the peachicks out to the grow pen also. They are growing so fast. :)

New Sultan Pen 001
New Sultan Pen 002
New Sultan Pen 013
Emus, Derby, and Tip running out there in the back.

A few of the guinea keets on top of the goat house.

Tip making sure the Sultans don't 'get away' lol


Becky said...

my big plans are to see my brother who is visiting from Seattle....

VegasGal said...

Hi Kelly~
I love the way jour journal looks! And there is Phoenix :) I might do the same because I don't like everything running down the middle either. Looks funny.YOu did a great job.

Sounds like your going ot have a fun weekend. Love the pictures!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Thanks for stopping by Bucko's World. Your pictures and animals are great. Have a great Saturday taking care of them :o)

Traci said...

I like this look to your journal. Love the mini out with the emus!

Hollie said...

sounds like a busy weekend!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I like your journal also, looks good. I can't believe how big your place is! I didn't realize until I saw Derby and the emus in the field!

Robin said...

Love the new look~!

madcobug said...

I love Phoenix's picture at the top. I have a lot to learn when I can sit for a bit again. Right now I am limited as to how long. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Helen

Lisa said...

Your weekend sounds just perfect to me. I hope you have a nice visit with your sister. We don't have any plans except to pick up another funky bike and then get some work done around here.

Doug will be going back to 8 hr days over the winter. They usually work 10 hr days but when they run out of daylight it gets cut back to 8.

The good thing is his pay stays the same, he saves his over 40 as comp time for the winter months. If that makes sense.

Love the pics, the first one is my favorite.