Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good Saturday Morning

Here I am, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Coffee is finished. Had a good morning talk with Mama. The sun is shining and its warming up. I have plans to build two pens this weekend, starting in about half an hour. Getting darker earlier and earlier I have to get out there while I still have plenty of daylight. I imagine all the critters will want to be fed first before I start working on the pens. They see me, and they associate me with food. Best way to get them to settle down and stop pestering me underfoot is to get their bellies full.

I will be scarce til Tuesday. We have plans to go to the Georgia National Fair. Know I will be back with plenty of pictures to share. I am not seeing many alerts at all now from AOLs journals, so I am assuming we are all settling in over here. I still want to get an alert system. Donna suggested Bloglines. I took a quick peek at it last night but my eyes were too heavy so I will save that venture for another day.

I have to make sure to keep up with y'all from my sidebar for now til I do get an alert system. It wont be long and dark will come so early this is where I will be in the evening moreso than during the day.

Until Tuesday...everyone have a wonderful weekend. :)


Beth said...

Kelly, I've been using Google Reader, which allows me to go in a few times a day and see who has new entries. I'm kind of liking it and think I'll stick with that instead of alerts.

Have fun at the Fair! I hope the gas shortages are finally easing up for you.


Hollie said...

Hey Kelly,
I hope you have a good time at the fair. I'm looking forward to your pictures. My teen got out of the chicken business today. He gave all of his to a friend today. I got his 2 little cochins. That's all we've got left. He was tired of taking care of know Other things on his mind now... LOL

Traci said...

I've been using my dashboard. I personally like not having my emails. It makes me feel less guilty for not having time to read what people have posted. I can read when I'm ready.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

That's how I keep my family out from under my feet - just feed em! Have a wonderful time at the fair.
Take care and enjoy,

Chrissie said...

I've just been using the Dashboard, but does you no good if you're private... no alerts. So I will have to do a sidebar list too. Hope you have fun and get lots of great pics.
Take care, Chrissie

Robin said...

I want some kind of email alert thingy too...gonna give that a whirl this morning. Got any coffee left? lol

Ally Lifewithally said...

Kelly enjoy the Fair ~ looking forward to seeing pictures ~ and I loved the Emu he is a hadsome chap :o) ~ Ally x

Woolysheep said...

I have a button on my sidebar that I got from Feedburner. It is a subscribe by email button. It will send you a copy of any updates by email with a link to the site.

Any folks interested in such a button can head over to Feedburner.

I too use my Dashboard to keep up with updates. It is just so convenient. They are all right there.

Have fun at the fair.

Karen said...

Hi Kelly, I made it over here. I love the pictures and am very impressed with your blog site. I am using the Dashboard and Google Reader to see who posted. The alerts drove me crazy as I got the guilts every time I got an alert and didn't get over to read and respond. Sooner or later I get to everyone...Karen

Nelishia said...

Going to the fair would have been fun. I stayed so busy that I crashed on Monday. Hard. Glad to see you over here. You can get alerts from Google reader but for those of us who are private, we have to send out mass emails from this thing.

I do hope you have built the pens by now and things are going fine with all of you.


Lisa said...

Kel, your journal is looking great! I can't believe our days are getting so short already. I already miss having daylight until 9:00.