Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Days

Nope, I didn't fall off the face of the Earth. I know its been almost a week since I have been here or to visit everyone. I am working on that today. Visiting while I load pictures onto photobucket of our trip to the Georgia Aquarium. I am going to have to make a few slideshows out of them and space them out over the following days so I don't overwhelm y'all and you become bored with the scenery. ;)

Wednesday was shopping day for food for the animals and for the humans. Then Thursday I had to go pick up the birthday cake I had ordered for Shelby and Tiffany. Friday we met Karen (Tiffanys mom) and Tiffany at the Georgia Aquarium. It was crowded with people, even on a weekday but we still managed to have fun. There were so many things to take pictures of but a lot of them you werent allowed to use a flash and the lighting was too low in the tank so I wasnt able to take good pictures of those displays. If the lighting was good in the tank it was better to not use the flash.

I won't bore you with all the types of fish they had. If you want to look for yourself I bet they have it all on the Georgia Aquarium site. Some of the highlights for me were the beluga whales, the whale sharks and the huge community tank. Most will ask how they keep all those different species together without them eating each other. The answer during the speech they give was...it happens, but very rarely...because they are VERY VERY well fed.

Did you know that a sawfish is in fact not a shark...but a ray? I didnt know that.

Friday was still a good day to go to the aquarium. It was raining and windy and cold. Good weather to be indoors. Saturday it cleared off and we went to the haunted trail on Vinson Mountain that the volunteer fire department puts on every year. It was even better than last year. I don't know why, but this time Shelby was hesitant in going in. Last year we went to it no problem. This time, after we paid and were walking up to get into line she was hemming and hawwing and was scared to go. We convinced her that we would never take her to somewhere where she was going to get hurt and that this was going to be fun. Finally we got into line and once we got in there it was fun.

Here is a funny part, lol. Shelby seems to think she should already have a boyfriend. I dont think so..and her Daddy says not til she is 30..lol, but anyway, we said maybe we would find her a boyfriend at the trail, joking of course. When we got to the part in the trail where we stepped into Micheal Myers 'house' he came up on us and startled us, did a really great job and I said "Oh Shelby, look, we found you a boyfriend!" Evidently they ran with that because in the next section there was a mad looking clown that came up behind us and asked which one was SHELBY...and got right up on her...lol, it was a lot of fun. Its always like that, your scared to do something, but once you do it, usually you are like a little kid and say, LETS DO IT AGAIN! There was one boy in front of us. He looked about 11 years old and he was pulling his moms arm off and crying so bad.

One thing they should have done. When the guide said a clown was coming up...I thought of Pennywise the clown, you know in IT, by Stephen King...now THAT would have been cool to run up on THAT clown and for him to say..."We all float down here!!!" SCARY STUFF! ;)

So I am loading pictures, and I have a video of the girls blowing out their candles. For those that don't know, Tiffany and Shelby have been friends since they were about three years old. We used to live next door to each other. They are only six days apart and both just had their birthdays so we decided to celebrate them together. :)


Indigo said...

Awesome header hon...still not a chicken *winks*...

I've been madly trying to scramble and catch up to everyone too. Loved the fact they played into Shelby wanting a boyfriend at the hauted house.

I would of been fine, except for...umm...you know...the clown...


Hollie said...

I loved the slideshow. That's hilarious about the haunted trial & Shelby. Six Flags was fun, but it wasn't like it use to be. They are into doing a lot of shows now....

Nelishia said...

The STILL NOT A CHICKEN is funny because I think of that one girl Britney Spears was it that had the reality show that asked her then husband if Chicken of the Sea was really chicken or what? LMBO

I have never been to the GA Aquarium yet. The price. It would be awesome though.

I have had dreams about PENNYWISE myself my whole life and to this day I think all clowns must be secret perverts. I don't like them. So Dirk thinks that's a little funny as his EX was a clown, did birthdays that sorta thing. Well... I said... that shoulda been a clue. All clowns are from hell. JK

I haven't been to one of those things since I was a kid. Funny about ya'll teasing Shelby like that.

Hey, did you know they're building a Tractor Supply here in Cartersville and its almost finished?


Nelishia said...

Re: Last comment. I am dumber than a bag of hammers.

It wasn't Britney Spears who said that comment about the Chicken of the Sea. It was Jessica Simpson. Aren't all those girls made in the same factory though? Too many of them look just alike to me.


Beth said...

Great pictures!

Love the story of Shelby at the haunted house!

Oh boy...Pennywise. One of the scariest monsters in recent history. Like you said, "We all float down here, Georgie." Yikes!

Hugs, Beth

Tracy said...

glad you had fun at the aquarium and haunted house!happy birthday to shelby and friend. hugs

Paula said...

Been missing you. Glad the girls had a nice birthday.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Time can slip away when your busy. Happy your back and posting once again. Enjoy your Today and everyday,

Lisa said...

I would have been terrified of the clown, I am so afraid of clowns...just the thought gives me shivers.

LOL, Ian says not till she is 30, sounds like a typical Dad. Watch out though, now that she has said it you know she is in the planning stages. ;)

It wounds like a great weekend for everyone.