Monday, October 13, 2008

Brahma Cattle

I was asked who's bull that is at the top of my journal this week. Truth be told, I have no idea. But he was a very handsome fellow. He is a Brahma bull. The cattle were scheduled to be coming in at one o'clock last Monday at the Georgia National Fair. This bull was tied on one side and the cows and calves on the other side of a sidewalk.

You know me, I will try to pet anything, once. The cow I petted was into it. She closed her big eyes and stretched her big flappy neck upwards as I scratched her. Such a sweet gentle girl. I looked at Ian and he knew that look in my eyes. He says to me, "You want one don't you?". I said YES, you know I do. He says to me that if I wanted a cow, that would be the kind to get for sure. He seemed to really like the breed also. No, I haven't run out and bought one. Maybe one of these days..but not now, maybe in the future...who knows.
The bull I was not so sure of. I very cautiously stuck my hand through the railings being careful where my hand placement was if he decided to try and butt the railing, I didnt want my hand to get smashed in between his enormous weight and the railing. It would have surely broken my hand, putting a damper on the day at the fair. I touched him in between his eyes once, drawing back. When I got no reaction I put my hand in again and stroked a very light short stroke and he jerked his head back from me a little. That was enough, enough for me, and enough for him. I can take a hint.
I did tell Ian I never wanted a bull, but a cow, now that would be nice. :)


Beth said...

They have a lot of Brahmas in Florida by where my relatives live, and where my folks used to live, and the bulls are really aggressive. One hopped in the water and started swimming towards my parents' boat!


Indigo said...

I love that...still not a chicken..LOL. If I know you Kelli your going to have that Brahma cow before long. Your heart is as big as mine is. (Hugs)Indigo

Lisa said...

I love brahmas...but I guess you probably knew I would ;)
Good you can take a hint - they aren't to be messed with. I can't seem to get that through to people who visit the farm and insist on getting close to the watusi cattle. I can see you adding a cow to the mix - fresh eggs & milk...there ya go!!!

Ally Lifewithally said...

I am just catching up with you ~ you are getting on so well with your new home ~ and I loved your pictures ~ Ally x