Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wore Out

I am so tired. Please bear with me. Going to the fair is quite a drain on this body. We did have a wonderful time, but my feet...oh my feet. Not to mention my legs. I am so sore from walking around for 10 hours straight. We did sit here and there for shows and to eat. Listen to me whining. I will stop now. I took a four hour nap today, and I am hitting the sack again already. Pitiful...lol. I do have many stories and pictures to put up here, and lots of catching up to do with y'all, and some new journals to put into my sidebar that I recieved invites to from folks making the transition.

First thing is first though, sleep, rest, lots of housework to catch up on tomorrow, then we are supposed to get some really heavy rain tomorrow afternoon. First time in 25 days, and its going to come all at once. Anyhow, that will be the best time for me to make an entry here. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Do you know I got so caught up in the change over I forgot to mention that my FIL and his wife Christi came over not this past weekend but the weekend before. I am a big sissy and Derby needed to have his Fall shot, and well Christi knows her stuff, she is a nurse, and gives her own dogs their shots. She made it look so easy, and Derby was actually very good. It was over and done with with no fuss. We had a nice visit to top it all off.

Well here I am rambling when I need to be sleeping. So night to you all...see you tomorrow I hope. :)


Lisa said...

Remember the days we used to be worn out by going out and partying too much...now we are beat from going to the fair. LOL, my how life changes!! Looking forward to hearing more after your recover.

Tina said...

our fair is really small but I am usually really tired just from that little bit of walking. the arts and craft fairs are coming. we have one to go to every weekend of this month! i hope you rest well and enjoy that rain!!!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Fairs are so much fun but at my age I pay for that fun for days. So happy you had a great time. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Take care and get your rest,

Beth said...

LOL at Lisa's comment! I look forward to hearing about your fun. In the meantime, get some rest!

Hugs, Beth

Hollie said...

I can't wait to hear all about the fair....rest up for now