Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Todays Show On Oprah


This link up above takes you to Oprah Winfreys site, and what is being talked about on todays show. Before I start, I want to say this. I am not ranting, but rather frustrated. Once this show is aired, if it shows the TRUTH there will be BIG attention paid to the subject. I am VERY glad of this. The thing that frustrates me is that it hasnt been addressed as aggressively as I HOPE it will be after todays show. You can go on Youtube and bring up some horrific nightmarish videos on the way farm animals are treated. I have discussed this and put a couple of those videos on an entry in my previous entries. It IS hard to look at. You may ask yourself WHY would anyone want to watch this. Because it invokes people to DO something about it. I hand out fliers and leave them on grocery store eggs anonymously when I get the chance. The flier tells the REAL story, along with some sad pictures. They are called battery hens and live out their lives in madness to produce eggs. Some people don't care, and don't want to know. For those that do care, PLEASE watch Oprah today. If you didn't know what went on before, hopefully you will after today.

I eat meat. I love a good rack of ribs as much as the next person. I love hamburgers and bbq sandwiches. I just want the animal that provided this food to have lived a good life before, and was killed humanely. I am not saying become a vegetarian or a vegan. I am saying have some respect for the animals while they are alive for goodness sake. There is no reason for chickens to be crowded into tiny cages, smashed together in a darkened dank foul chicken house to put out eggs in madness til they are spent and then thrown into our Campbells chicken soup once they are no good to egg producers anymore. Cattle are put into a big roller machine that turns their heads upside down so their throat is exposed. Their throats are sliced wide open and their trachea ripped out by the workers very hand that sliced it open. Then they are dumped out onto the floor to bleed to death, sometimes actually able to get up and walk off before dying. There are SO many other things I have seen and know about, not just farm animals, but things in other countries that pale in comparison to what we do to our farmed animals. Horrors you cannot begin to imagine. It makes me sick that humans can be so uncaring and vile.

I want cattle, pigs, chickens, all farmed animals to be able to graze on grass and feel the sunshine, to have fresh drinking water. To be able to walk around, lie under a tree, take a dust bath, do the things that animals like to do naturally. The reason that these things are not common is because it is not cost effective for these large corporations.

I do try to buy meat I know is really free range. Being the chicken capitol of the world it isnt hard to find locally grown chicken here. I also have contacts for pastured beef. It is not impossible to find and is affordable.

I will watch Oprah today, I hope you will too and enlighten yourself. If all you do is tell one other person, and that person tells another, and so on, eventually change will happen for these animals that deserve more from us.

Read this article and look at the ways to go green...the sites on the internet like Seedsavers and Localharvest are great places to start.



Janie said...

Like your journal, looks great. I see I am a follower. Wondering if it is from the other jouranl. lol Will have to check it out. I watched a video on your aol journal and would not buy store eggs for a long time!! lol I need to find someone that sells them. Hmmm we meet this couple every Thursday for dinner and they have chickens. Will have them bring me a dozen eggs every Thursday. lol Hope you have a great week. Am sick so running way behind. Hugs, Janie

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I hope this reachs as many people as possible. About 3 weeks ago my husband show me a video on all the animals that are mass produced for our eating pleasure and how these animals have to live. I'll tell you what, I won't eat a chicken, beef or pork that is raised under these types of conditions. There's plenty other things to eat like fish (caught wild), that is much healthier for you. Thanks for sharing this info.
I still won't watch Oprah though!
Take care and have a wonderful day,

Tracy said...

hi! came across your blog. i will be watching oprah today or as much as i can stand! i think its awful what people do to animals. hugs

Lisa said...

I have been getting alerts about this show for a few days now from various animal groups I am involved with.

I do not eat meat...for various reasons but the first and foremost reason is the way in which we slaughter our animals for consumption. It is appalling and we as a supposed cultured and caring nation should be ashamed of ourselves.

Do you know how many kids don't even know the hamburger they are eating was once a living animal? Or how we get milk or eggs?

Thank you for bringing this to everyones attention.

Hollie said...

I don't think I want to see it....just the thoughts horrifies me. We just took in a straving stray because we couldn't stand the thoughts of it going hungry...

Tina said...

I purposely did not watch this episode. I cannot stand to see animals mistreated. That is an advantage of buying a cow from someone you know and having it processed. it also tastes a lot better but that is just my opinion....
have a great night

Beth said...

I agree--it's terrible to see such things. Ken and I get sides of beef from a guy he works with--no mistreatment, no hormones, etc. I'm definitely an omnivore, but I don't see any reason why there should be any mistreatment of animals.


Traci said...

Good post! It's all about the money! How much can we make? My uncle used to raise pigs. His pigs were a happy bunch in the sun, not crowded etc. But he had to quit because the large hog farms made it impossible for him to make any money.

Malagutigrrl said...

I didn't get this in time to watch Oprah but since I can't bare to even watch the humane society commercials I probably wouldn't have lasted too long.
In Canada we raised free range chickens... they were the happiest little critters I've ever seen and I sooooo miss raising them.
Thank you for this post!

VegasGal said...

I agree with you so much. Living here in Las Vegas it is so hard to find chicken that is truly "free range". Even though they cost more, I got to a different grocery store to buy our eggs now. Makes Bob mad but too bad. WE must all do what we think is the right thing and keep doing it.
I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting these entries. For bringing as much attention as possible to this. THANK YOU! (sniff-sniff) I love all animals and life so very much Kelly this is all heart breaking. As a hospice volunteer I understand and accept death, but undignity.
If you get time and you wouldn't mind it, would you email me a copy of that flyer? I would really be grateful. schoolgal040@aol.com

Your journal is so darn cute. If you have any questions or need help, give me hollar. I have had to ask for help...LOL


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