Friday, October 10, 2008

Stock Dog Show (Fair Pics)

The man that does the stock dog (herding dog) show at the Georgia National Fair is the man we bought our Tip from. There will never be another dog like our Tips Daddy. We named her after her daddy. He is a legend for sure. These dogs pale by comparison when you watch them work. Don't get me wrong, they do alright, but Tip was poetry in motion.

I have video of these dogs working the lambs in the corral where the demonstration was. We are sure to watch this every year we go. I will post video soon, but for now, here are some fine dogs from the stock dog show. Picture number two is Bow, (like Bow wow). Picture number three is Katie. Dogs number one and four I had never met before. Chester was there too, that is our Tips brother, but I didnt get a picture of him this time. I did however get some video of him, which I will show next time along with Katie and dog number four working the lambs.

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