Saturday, January 10, 2009

It Has Come To My Attention

It has come to my I sit here on this dark rainy windy Saturday afternoon...that I have not really revealed a lot about myself on this journal.

I am not even sure anyone is interested in ME personally...but, in light of the weather being what it is...and I am stuck inside looking longingly out the window like a caged animal...I choose to elaborate some today. If this is not your thing, and you just want to hear about may skip todays entry, I will understand.

I was born in Columbus, Georgia. I was raised by two wonderful parents. We lived in a modest neighborhood near the Columbus Airport so I grew up hearing airplanes overhead. When you grow up with a particular sound like that you tend to tune it out after a while and you dont even hear it anymore until someone that is not used to it mentions it. We had a big clock on the wall that was like that. It had a loud tick tock sound as the pendulum would swing back and forth. Growing up with that sound, unless I tried really hard I couldnt hear that clock ticking. The type of batteries in that clock were those big huge batteries. I don't know where to get them, but my Daddy worked where they had them. Once we moved up to Jonesboro the clock batteries died and it hasnt run since, but it still hangs on their wall to this day.

I had a normal existance I guess you could say. Nothing out of the ordinary. Mama stayed home with me (which is a rarity these days) and Daddy went off to work during the week. I had an older sister, but at this time in my young life I didnt know her yet. My younger sister was born when I was six years old. We had one dog, Prissy. She arrived on the front door step about the same time as I was born, so I grew up with her. She lived to be thirteen years old. Cancer overtook her body and she had to be put to sleep. It was very sad. She was such a very good dog. Just a Heinz 57 as they say, but she was a good dog. When I was little, I would lay my head on her tummy and fall asleep. She wouldnt move until I woke up. Back then they didnt have all the fine flea medications they have now. She never got fleas though, I guess they didnt like the way she tasted. They only found her when she was sick with cancer.

Growing up I wasnt a fan of Barbie dolls and Baby dolls. I did have one Baby doll. She could wet her diapers...her name was Baby Wetsalot or something like that. I never took to human figure toys much. My favorite past time was playing with my stuffed animals. Not really a big shocker there eh? I was very careful with my stuffed animals. All of them meant a lot to me and I treated them with all the kindness and consideration you might have for a live animal. If they were held by the foot, or fell off the bed, I thought this was wrong and might hurt to them. What an imagination.

When I was growing up we didnt have fancy plastic toy food and boxes like they do now. I made my own. I did have a tea set. The whole shebang. Forks, knives (plastic of course) pots, pans..(these were actually metal!) plates...everything. I had a box that my Wonderwoman costume had come in (from one Halloween). I turned it upside down and drew stove 'eyes' and knobs on the bottom, just like a stove top. Perfect for my pots and pans. I was supplied with plenty of markers, crayons, construction paper, any art type things to be creative. I would make my own food to go on the plates and in the pots and pans. Oh I made everything from strips of bacon and fried eggs to chicken legs and pizza. It was a lot of fun to make exactly what you wanted.

My stuffed animals would sit around my little table and chairs set. Oh my table and chairs was not like you see know the ones, those plastic set ups. Noooo...this was a miniature version, real wood, of a full size dining room table and chairs. I don't know what ever happened to it, but that is one thing I wish I still had for when Shelby was little. We think it got left in the attic when we moved to Jonesboro and someone else found it and now its gone. I would always feel sorry for the stuffed animals that didnt get to sit at the table and sometimes the ones stacked on the bed would get plates of construction paper food in their laps. When it was bedtime I always had to choose just a few stuffed animals to sleep with me at night in my bed. I hated that the rest of them had to sleep elsewhere. Mama always said there just wasnt enough room for me and all my stuffed animals too. I rotated them out everyone got a turn.

Isnt it funny, how things start to come back to flow from your mind as you sit undisturbed on a quiet day and just begin to write. Here I was going to just give some brief synopsis of my childhood, but I find myself thinking in more and more detail.

For instance. I remember having a pet squirrel. Not one kept in a cage, but one in the trees. The way this came to pass is to me, very odd. One day I was standing next to my tire swing, which was attached to a tree of course. A baby squirrel came scampering down that tree with mother following behind, all the while scolding the youngster. The youngster promptly jumped onto my shirt and hung upside down on the front of my shirt with his back feet. He was not afraid at all. My Daddy was right there and he just said not to move. I think he was afraid I might get bitten. I didnt though. After a minute the youngster jumped back onto the tree and his mother escorted him back up into the trees, all the while scolding away. That squirrel had a notch of fur missing from his tail. A couple of months later, I had a squirrel, with a notch of fur missing out of its tail...come right up to me. That was the beginning of a very odd relationship. You couldnt pick the squirrel up, but you could call him out of the trees, whistle for him I think it was...and he would come, jump on your shoulder and I always had peanuts in hand waiting for him. I know it is common in big cities for squirrels to come right up and take food from you, but this was in a small little neighborhood.

Even then, I loved animals. I have always like them more than people. Growing up I never had a slew of friends...a pack to run with you might say. I had one or two close girlfriends. Sherry was my constant starting at the age of 13. We have been best friends ever since. She was there when I had my pet squirrel. I have some old pictures somewhere of this...I must find them to show on here.

I am going to close on this note for today. It was nice to sit and just ramble and remember some good memories from childhood. I have many more rolling around in this head of mine. One is of the visits to my aunt and uncles place on the Chattahoochie River...but that is for another day.

If you made it through and read all of todays entry...thanks for sticking around and hopefully it was at least mildly entertaining for you. If you could see the images in my head of the things I have spoke of today it would be even better. You may get a better idea of what it was like.

After Becky told me the name of her doll I decided to look up my old was a Baby Alive doll, above is a picture of the one from the 1970s I found when I googled images of the doll.


kelly said...

Well it's very nice to meet you.. what a great entry..

Becky said...

I have a Besty Westy mom hated her! LOL

Lisa said...

I loved reading this about you. I had lots of stuffed animals too, all with names and they had to be handled "just right". Same as you describe. How cute you had the little tea set & made a stove.

I only remember one doll, a raggedy ann doll...I still have her and boy, I loved that dollbaby.

This was great, I look forward to reading more if you feel inclined to do so.

Indigo said...

I do hope you give us more of what lies behind the woman views over time. I throughly enjoyed this jaunt down memory lane with you. (Hugs)Indigo

BlueRidge Boomer said...

We lived in Columbus, GA for a short while...near the Army base.....i had pet blue jays....small world isn't it??!!

Donna said...

Very interesting indeed! My daughter had a Baby Alive. Not only did she wet, but she also pooped!

I find in wintertime it's very easy to wander back in memory, and let's face it... in winter, most of us need some fodder for our blogs. What better than childhood memories?

Paula said...

Loved reading about the real you. Hope you write more when you feel like it.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Really neat story about the squirrel :o)

Hollie said...

Just like Dr. Dolittle. I enjoyed reading about your childhood!

Just Bill said...

Kelly, I really enjoyed hearing about your childhood memories. I have to go back a lot further then you do but your entry did bring some memories.
Thanks for sharing, Bill

Tina said...

I enjoyed this entry a lot. and yes, I have not doubt that you didn't like it if you felt a stuffed animal was not being carried right.
take care

Traci said...

Great entry Kelly! I was like that too. Never was into Barbie but I was always playing with my toy animals!

madcobug said...

You have some great menories to think back on. My grandparent had a loud clock like that but you wound it every eight days. No batteries. Thanks for the interesting story of your childhood. Hugs, Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

Kelly thanyou for a lovely entry I enjoyed reading about YOU ~ and I look forward to hearing a lot more about you and your animals ~ Ally xxx

Janie said...

That was interesting. I never had more than a couple of friends at a time. Hope you have a great week and the rain slows down for you. Blessings, Janie