Friday, January 9, 2009

I Love The Polish Breed

There are breeds of chicken that I just cannot resist. Their beauty draws me in. The polish breed is one of my very favorite breeds. They have a very pleasant disposition in my opinion. I only have two colors of polish right now. My show birds, Coco and Kuckoo, and their two daughters. They are silver laced polish. I want to breed more of these from this pair as their potential to win at shows is great.

Last Spring I got ten white crested black polish chicks from Swints in Jonesboro. They are not show quality, but I never had any interest in showing this color anyway. They were just to add to my flock.

Now I have been given 8 eggs to hatch from Ians friend at work, Tex. I am trying to patiently wait for at least five days to go into the incubator and candle the eggs for veins beginning to show in the egg. I talk to the little eggies through the incubator, play them music...hoping every one will be fertile and hatch a healthy chick out. Tex doesn't know what color the polish are. He said the parents looked gray with white I am assuming they are white crested blues. This is very exciting for me as I love this color. Here are a few pictures I borrowed from Feathersite to show of what I think these eggs will turn out to be.


Tex said the parents looked to be standard size...the eggs I got seemed a bit small so I hope they don't turn out to be bantam Polish instead of the standard size. Aren't the white crested blue polish so pretty?

I am leaning more and more towards looking for some nice breeders of the buff laced polish too. It would be nice to have a few of these in the future to are a few pictures of this color I borrowed from Feathersite... First is the rooster, then the hen.


I know that all eight of those eggs are Tex's eggs. I know that. He asked me to hatch them. I just want to bring them up for a little while..enjoy them while they are little. I don't think he will mind. They can't be housed outside for a while will be too cold for them. If it is a good hatch, I do wish to have some eggs of my own of these from the lady he bought his new incubator from, and maybe...maybe? one of the babies from this hatch? Hmmmm? ;)

I better get outside and enjoy this sunshine we are having today. The weather folks say rain is in store for us tomorrow. I have a few things I want to do out there today, and sitting here isnt getting those things done.

I want to take a minute to say...I do enjoy each and every comment I recieve. I appreciate you taking the time to stop and talk to me for a few minutes. I know some are busy, and you just stop in for a quick cup of coffee and you are off to work, or to take the kids to school, or other important obligations...and don't have time to leave a comment...and even though you don't leave a comment, I see you have been by through my sitemeter and the little round globe and thank you for giving me a glance before getting on with your day.

I know it has been a bit dull around here since winter and the rain has kicked in. Pictures have not been at the forefront of my posts. Things are about to pick up around here in February though. We got shows to get ready for. Lots of bathes, blow drying, looking over legs with a fine tooth comb for STUBS!! ;) For those that don't know...that is what kept me from getting Best Continental with Coco last year!!! Not going to be the case this way...going to have perfect birds going into the show coops this year.

I was going to post some of last years videos of my getting Rod and Kuckoo ready for show, but the new host for AOL videos (since they shut Uncutvideo down)...Motionbox...doesnt seem to want to cooperate and let me post it. The directions are simple enough to follow, but when I try, it tells me it doesnt have the complete code.

Thats okay though, there will be plenty to see when I start prepping for this years shows. :)

Time to go outside and play for a bit...hope everyone is having a great day. Maybe I will take some pictures after I finish my work outside, if its not already getting dark by then.

Todays header picture is of a black breasted red modern game bantam rooster. This is another breed that I would love to have. I almost got a nice trio of this color last year at the show in Newnan, but someone bought them before I could. Maybe this year I will come home with some of these cute little stick chickens as I call them. ;)


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Today is super sunny....isey rain should start sometime tonight.....Enjoy while you can!!!

Hollie said...

Good Luck with the eggs...

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Looks like you are enjoying your chickens a great deal. The bird on the header is very bizarre looking and looks like it should be wearing stilettos with those legs!

Indigo said...

Oh my gosh look at the long legs on that rooster in your header, wow! Reminds me of a roadrunner. I love the polish hens best myself. The buff colored ones I believe could easily be a favorite, if you get a chance to obtain a pair. I remember the stubs keeping you from winning last year. Such a small little thing, who knew. (Hugs)Indigo

Janie said...

Little baby chickens and all other baby animals are all so cute! God has a very good imagination with all the animals that He created. We can enjoy them. Hope you have a great day. Janie

Lisa said...

I like the header picture, looks kind of like a roadrunner. Cool.

Oh those pictures of the Polish are just awesome, I love them! It will be fun to hatch and have them around while they are little. You'll make them sweet birds for sure.

Yes!! Now I remember the stubs...LOL, you are going to be paranoid and stub crazy this year. I know, that isn't funny.

breakaway said...

Hey there! I hope you do get to keep one of those polish. Sure does sound like a blue! Maybe you could get your hand on more of them and hatch them out for yourself :D I have one polish girl and she is just a sweet heart. She is in with phoenix right now. I'm thinking of giving showing a try with phoenix this year. Last year there was NO phoenix to be seen there. It was a smaller show so that is where I would want to start.

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