Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Monday Morning

I have a lot to show and tell today and the following days, but first thing is first. I said I would pick the names I liked the most today and send that person a little something in the mail for helping me out. I have rolled all the names around in my head and I have chosen.

LINDA over at Starting Life Over At 40 is my choice. She had two suggestion, but the first one was just right on. I loved this suggestion from the very beginning. I guess you could say she had and advantage and didnt know it. She and I are the same age you see, and so she grew up watching the same tv shows I did. Linda, do you remember? First, Happy Days would come on, then Laverne and Shirley! Loved that hour of television!

So, their names will be Laverne and Shirley. Thank you to everyone that gave wonderful suggestions. They were all very good and I appreciate your efforts!

Linda, I know I had your snail mail from way back when I sent you those cotton seeds? I couldnt begin to tell you what I did with it, so shoot me an email when you get time and give it to me again if you would. I will get your prize out in the mail by the end of this week. :)

I brought back more than I wanted to from the Poultry show...I brought back an ear ache and a sore throat! Last night I woke up about midnight. My ear hurt so bad, it felt like someone was driving a hot poker through my ear...and that side of my throat was already getting sore.

I immediately hopped up and got the hydrogen peroxide, poured a capful into my ear...and it fizzed like mad, so it was infected. It doesnt hurt now, but I have been up and down all night and morning with this sore throat. It hurts just to swallow. You know how it is though, if you put off swallowing, your throat dries out and then it hurts even more to swallow. I guess the congestion will come next. I almost wish for it over the sore throat. Lets get on with it and get it over with is what I say. I got to get through with this because I have THREE, yes THREE! more shows to go to in February! Y'all are going to go into chicken overload here by the end of February!

I have lots to tell...but I am going to close this entry and start a new one with pictures and lots of talk of the show I attended on Saturday. I will make slideshows each day of some of the pictures I took at the show and spread them out through this week.

Congratulations Linda! :) Thankyou so much for naming my two beautiful girls.



and Shirley...


These were taken Saturday once they were cooped in. Notice the blood stain on Shirleys body below the wing :(. They have to be tested for diseases before cooping in. They prick the skin in the bend of the underside of the wing...and it always bleeds like crazy. I cleaned it up the best I could. I checked last night and it was bruised. :( Poor girl. Laverne had some too, but it didnt show in the picture.


Traci said...

Love the names! Perfect for hens! I hope you get to feeling better. We've been a little puny over here too.

madcobug said...

I like those names. I read the last entry before this one. I hope you get to feeling better really soon. Hugs, Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

Kelly those names are just perfect ~ Hope you feel better soon ~ Ally xx

Lisa said...

They are beautiful and the names fit very well.

I hope you can nip this cold in the bud before you get too ill.

Take care,

Paula said...

Laverne and Shirley are beautiful girls. Congrats to Linda for picking the names.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Oh I am so glad you picked my names! Thanks so much and congratulations they look beautiful!