Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday night....

Here I sit. It rained off and on all day again today. No sun in sight. South Georgia and North Florida are getting pounded as I type. I told Ian they should stay in Fort Lauderdale tonight where the weather is not so bad. When I talked to him today it was a very warm 92 and muggy down there. I told him to please bring some sunshine back from the sunshine state. Since I am just passing the time right now I thought I would just put down some rambling thoughts.

The picture above is of the British Rock Band Iron Maiden. I was browsing about looking at their tour places and dates and it turns out that this was indeed a big deal. Matter of fact, tonight's show is the last of a massive jaunt around the world in their own jet flown by their lead singer Bruce Dickenson.

Iron Maiden has always been Ians favorite heavy metal band. Since I met him he has loved heavy metal music. Its not for everyone, but when we were dating I learned to like some of it. I ended up liking AC/DC, Anthrax, Metallica, to name a few. Ian and Kenny took Kennys sixteen year old daughter to this Iron Maiden show. Shelby and I went out tonight to the local wings and pizza place and started talking, then it struck me, while Ian was on this kick he should take Shelby to see Metallica! Tickets go on sale Saturday, but the show is not until October. Shelby has a wide variety of music taste. She listens to pop, rock, and heavy metal, and the occasional country song, usually by Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. She plays video games, with her dad, and they play Rockband together, thats the game with the drums and guitar. Shelby plays drums, Ian plays guitar. On one of the recent games they bought for it is Metallica's Sandman. Its funny, how nowadays music Ian and I listened to in the 80s has bled over and peeked todays teens interest. A lot of the rock bands are making a come back with the teens. Like AC/ DC and Metallica, and evidently Iron Maiden still has a HUGE following all over the world. Yes yes, I know, if you go to you will see all sorts of horrors. Like all their album covers have Eddie on them. Eddie is their 'character' they have had on their albums for many many years. His look changes from cover to cover, but it is still Ed. Yes, the plane they flew around the world says Iron Maiden Flight 666 on it. They do not worship the devil. It is just like anything, a gimmick, kids think its cool, whatever. Its all part of the heavy metal scene, always has been. Its all taken with a grain of salt folks. There will always be people who carry things too far, and then there are the people that just take it for what it is and don't obsess over it.

Now, Ian and I don't go off without each other very much. Occasionally, maybe twice a year I will go to Phenix City and visit Sherry. When I do, I spend the night and he takes care of the animals for me til the next day when I get back. I am missed terribly and when I get home my daughter is all open arms and hugs and kisses and missed me a lot. Ian doesnt know what to do while I am gone. The last time I was gone for over 12 hours he didnt eat, didnt feed himself, so I guess he would starve if I stayed gone too long. ;) Shelby says maybe the next time I am gone and she is fixing lunch for herself she will fix him something too so he won't sweet of her. Anyway, Ian misses me too and is always glad to see me back home. Tonight I am missing him, even if it is only for one night. The three of us are usually all together most of the time. We all have our own individual lives, but as a family we are very close knit and when one of us is gone for very long, the other two miss the one missing very much. I hope he gets home earlier than later tomorrow, but I don't want him driving in the bad weather tonight. I want him to get some rest, then come back. Its not safe to drive on the roads tonight, especially if your tired.

I remember going to many concerts in my teenage years. Lets see, I went to AC/DC, Anthrax, KISS, Genesis, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Ozzy Ozbourne, Prince, oh yes, I was a VERY big fanatic for PRINCE...all through my teens and into my early twenties. I still like to listen to him sometimes...or watch Purple Rain...ah the 80s. I used to keep all my ticket stubs, who knows where they all are now. There are many more to recall, but there is some heavy cobwebs back there from those times. ;)

With all this music swapping between Ian and Shelby, from Puddle of Mud to Metallica, we did something the other night that was kinda fun. Kind of a new twist on family night I guess you could say. Instead of the old game board stand by, or a movie, we all three sat around with Shelby driving the computer and looked up videos on Youtube. Ian and I started out with 80s songs, We each took a turn, going round and round. Shelbys were newer songs of course, but Ian and I were able to reach WAY back past the 80s. First was some fun songs, like Frankie Goes To Hollywood....Relax. Then some STYX...from the Mr. Roboto album, yes, I do still possess vinyl...that being one of them. Some Jimmy Buffet, Margaritaville, I thought of some Midnight Star, No Parking On The Dance Floor. Oh and lets not forget the fun videos of Sledgehammer and Big Time. Ian thought of some really obscure songs, some I didnt know...from the seventies. I thought of a few from then. You remember that song, the guy meets his old lover in the grocery store...yeah that one, Old Anxien...or however you say it. I thought of the Double Dutch Bus, but we got tired after about three hours of this...and decided to go to bed. After all it was about 2 a.m. in the

Anybody watching American Idol? Who is your favorite? Mine is Adam Lambert. Has been from way back. Yeah, he is kinda funky, but he is definitely different and I like that. Next I like oh whats his name....Chris Allen? Is that it? I never seem to like the girls as much as the guys...wonder why that is, then I got to thinking about it, and there hasnt been a girl to win since Carrie Underwood has there? None of them has just knocked my socks off.

Adam Lambert

Okay, so what else is there to talk about...hmmm. I don't know, maybe I will just go and check out some blogs and see whats going on at y'alls house. :) Oh...yeah, by the way, that video up in my sidebar...well, let me tell you how this came to be.

Shelby was doing a writing assignment. She loves dolphins and one day hopes to work with dolphins in some way. Her writing assignment was about dolphins and how to save them from fishing nets, and slaughtering in Asia. About the oceans being polluted, all things concerning dolphins and their well being. While googling we ran across this...The Cove...a soon to be released documentary. I have seen the horrors they talk of...there is a video on Youtube, it is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. I know it exists, and now some brave souls are doing their best to document this and get the word out. Some say oh, its no different than the Koreans eating cats and dogs, or us eating cows, but I don't see cats, dogs, and cows on endangered lists. I read up extensively on how many are killed, its phenomenal, and the way they do it, oh yes, it is a slaughter. I thought I could do my small part by posting it on the sidebar to get the word out, that, once again, humans are a primal and brutal creature, and we must monitor our species behavior and correct it if we can.


Paula said...

A different kind of entry for you, huh? Well me being old and country I didn't know much of what you are writing about so I'll just say safe trip home to Ian. Wouldn't mind for John to go away for a day or two. He is getting on my last nerve lately.

Anonymous said...
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breakaway said...

Hey Kel! Love this entry today. I'm just checking in on you to see what's going on. My all time fav band is Kiss :D I love AC/DC also. Love the video too...was listening to it while I read :D ADAM has also been my fav since the start. OF course I love the WI guy too! I believe those two will be the last two standing.