Monday, April 13, 2009

Where Is My Rocker Cushion?

My header is a very good question this morning. We had unbelievable winds last night and this morning. The weather lady said winds were up to 35 mph in town and 40 to 45 out of the metro area.

My double rocker cushion is nowhere to be found. It is probably in the next county at least. We got a new grill when we went out shopping on Saturday and the box we put all the trash in from parts and empty. The trash is just...gone. Nowhere to be found. I am amazed I don't have any chickens blown away.

I asked a long time local resident this morning while talking to her on the phone if this extreme weather is normal for northwest Georgia. Ian and I got to talking and decided we must have moved to a turbulent area or something. Nope, she said up until a few years ago it wasnt like this. So, I guess when we moved here thats when it started. Great, we are bad weather magnets!

Doesn't matter, we are here to stay, not going anywhere. I have several days of clean up ahead of me. There is stuff blown everywhere around here. There are even shingles from the roof blown off into the flowerbed.


I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter. Shelby is getting older now and not really into coloring and hiding eggs anymore. Shame, I still like to. ;) We had a nice day anyway. I cooked an Easter dinner. Nothing extravagant. Ham, black eye peas, mac and cheese and some rolls. Patti was not able to come this past weekend, but plans to later on in May, so it was just the three of us. I still make Shelby an Easter basket up with candy, a stuffed bunny and a special surprise. This time it was a Wii video game she has been wanting.


Shelby and I are taking care of the neighbors animals this week. I know I have been neglectful of this blog and haven't posted any good pictures in several entries. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nicer and I will take my camera down there with us and take some good shots of their horses, pig, and chickens. Shelby is the horse person of course. She takes care of them and I take care of the pig and the chickens.


Friday we spent all day out and about, getting groceries, checking out the deals at Big Lots, and then Lowes. There was some really bad weather to come through while we were out. While we were in Big Lots the bottom dropped out of the sky and it hailed like crazy. There was a report of a funnel cloud over the area too. While we were eating supper in Hiram at Fatbacks there was a report of a tornado passing over my little town. It didnt touch down thank goodness. Shelby was a nervous wreck worrying about the animals and didnt eat much at all. Ian and I were worried too, of what we would find when we got home. Other than some upturned shingles and a couple blown off we were okay. The animals were okay too. We also stopped in at Sallys Beauty Supply for hair color. Shelby has decided to go blonde all the way this time. She wants her hair shorter first, so I will trim before I color. Mine is in desperate need of coloring, but I will do hers first. I can do mine another day.

Saturday most of the day was spent putting the grill together. I will have to take a picture of it. I like to cook on charcoal and Ian likes gas, so we got a half and half grill and we also got a smoker to attach to the end. That turned into a job for Ian to put on. He had to knock out the side of the charcoal side and the side of the smoker (it was cut and spot welded to be knocked out for this purpose). We have a cover that is made for this grill, but the wind made short work of it last night and it is laying around the bottom of the grill today soaked with water puddled in it. Guess we are going to have to attach some weights to the bottom of it to keep it from blowing away.


It seems the harder I try the more behind I get around here. There is so much I have to get done and the weather is just making a mess of things out there. The yard stays wet and flooded in places, so I can't even mow. I haven't been able to plant the tomato plants. I bought a Topsy Turvy to plant one of the plants in. Thank goodness I didnt get around to that and hang it on the front porch yesterday! It would have been torn to pieces by the wind.

This entry has been a rambling I am going to stop now. Its just random thoughts over the last days. I hope to get my act together here soon and make some decent entries and post some good pictures. Thanks for putting up with me. :)

I have missed so much lately, just came back from reading over many journals. I apologize for not being around as much as I should. There is always room for improvement, and hopefully I will do better.


Marlene said...

Welcome back Kelly.....Its cold here too. My feet are freezing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We don't usually have any bad Spring storms til the weather warms up and then we have chances of bad thunderstorms or even tornado warnings. It seems every year the wind takes a few of my shingles. Winter winds are just as bad as the Sping ones.
'On Ya'-ma

Hollie said...

I know what you mean about the weather. It's been weird here too.

madcobug said...

We had some high winds also. Our push cart had blown across the carport, it had a 30 lb. sack of soil in it. Leaves from trees are all over the yard. Ken said limbs were broken all over Anniston when he went down and some signs were blown down. I hope no bad weather comes through tonight with those expected storms. Helen

Just Bill said...

Tracy,>>> Thanks for putting up with me. :) >>>>
I will always put up with you. You are a joy in my life.
Remember the sun will come out tomorrow, Bill

John said...

Thank you for your kind words for Marks Grandpa.And I loved your entries,they didnt seem al over the place. It showed me a family thats busy and da family that soes things together, Even dyeing Shelbys hair is an important thing. Good luck with that.Can you stop by friend Bobbies blog shes new andItalk about yours all the time

Anonymous said...