Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Happened To SPRING???

Yeah, I know, I am supposed to be doing stuff right? Not supposed to be posting, but people...it is COLD outside! It got down in the lower thirties last night, with winds twenty miles and hour and more all day yesterday and last night, and continuing into today. Tonight it will get down into the twenties. What is going on? Shelby says mother nature has PMS...lol.

I have pictures from my nieces shower...but my camera is still in the truck, and its cold, and I don't want to go out there to get my camera. I have to go to the feed store later, so maybe I will remember to bring in my camera when I get back and post some pictures then.

Saturday was a beautiful day...warm and sunny. Erin, Shelby, Mama and I got on the road at 10 am as planned to head to Columbus for Kathryns wedding shower. No sooner than we got on I85 did we come to a parking lot of cars on the highway, stretching for miles according to Erins Iphone when she googled traffic.com and got the traffic report. Severe delays...the DOT was hanging signs on the overpasses...and that wasnt all. There has been construction on this highway for like four years. You know those concrete walls they have decided to put up on either side instead of barrels? Aren't those fun? They had reduced the speed limit to 60, but because of so many wrecks (imagine, nowhere to go but forward, trapped in the concrete walls, and there is a crash) they lowered the speed limit to 50. They had the highway down to one lane too, that was wonderful. (Sarcasm dripping)

So, the trip that should have taken just under two hours, took four and a half hours. Us and 14 million of our closest friends sitting, on I85, creeping. So the next exit I got off and Erin kept us on the right roads to get on down the road to Columbus, BUT, there were at least ten thousand of our closest friends that had the same idea, so it wasnt long before we were sitting again, creeping. I know we had to be in Newnan for a good hour. But I was on a mission. I had already planned to spend this whole day out and on the road and at this shower, and we were gonna make it come hell or high water. We got there at 2:40...and left at 4:40...enough time for me to get Erin and Mama home, and then Shelby and I home before dark. I dont like driving in the dark you know. I am not complaining, Kathryn is worth it. She is a good niece and that is why I wanted to be there. At one point there was talk of turning around, I said no no no no, I have dedicated this day to this shower and if I go home I will have to do work, in the mud outside, and I am not in the mood for that today!

You wouldnt think that all that driving and sitting would wear a body out, but it sure did. I was so stove up. For those that don't know this term, it means sore and stiff, a southern saying. I am starting to loosen up a bit today, but yesterday was tough too. I was aching and hurting all day yesterday as I went about my animal chores. Sunday was so bad for Shelby and I both we didnt do a thing. So no, we haven't even touched the playroom. During the week it is hard to get anything extra like that done with us doing school and regular chores.

Bill, I wanted to tell you, Shelby does do chores. :) You see, the whole upstairs is hers. She is old enough now that she cleans her upstairs herself, bathroom and all, and yes, that includes scrubbing the toilet and tub. She even has her own little vacuum for up there so we don't have to drag the big one up and down the stairs. I know a lot of kids these days don't have the chores like I had when growing up, or like you had Bill, but I believe it helps one to develop independence knowing how to do these things. Some kids don't know how to work a washing machine, or a dishwasher. I want Shelby to know these things. Its just basic survival skills to me. When I was a kid I used to have to help clean up the yard, rake leaves, pick up sticks and pinecones. I had to help clean the house, dusting and such, once a week. It was just part of growing up. That bird I had at the top of the page....it was a chicken! It was a rooster to be more specific. They are called onogadori. There is a link on one of my entries to a page about these magnificent fowl.

Everyone have a fantastic day, and if you have warm weather today, be thankful for it. :)


madcobug said...

What a bad trip you all had getting to the shower. Glad that you made it in time. It's cold here also and it was doing a little snowing earlier. This cold weather makes me sad for all the greenery and flowers it will kill plus all the baby animals and baby birds will suffer. This must be what we always referred to an Easter Spell. Next will be blackberry winter before all will be clear. Even the weatherman said last week they thought spring was here to stay. Little did they know LOL. Have a good afternoon and stay warm. Hugs, Helen

Cindi said...

its no fun getting "stoved" up...my dad says that all the time...hope your weather gets better, and your achiness too!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hey girl!......it's snowing here!!
i still haven't recovered from driving to Atlanta and back....thank goodness for Advil and hot showers...


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's cold here and snowing in Ohio. I guess it's good I'm at work cause little outside could be done here either. I hate long trips driving and now anything over an hour does me in. It takes awhile to get my land legs back again after just driving to the campground on weekends. 1 hour and 15 minutes if the traffic is good. Hope our weather improves soon.

Ally Lifewithally said...

That sounded like the trip from Hell glad you eventually made it to your Nieces Shower ~ Shelby is right I think Mother Nature has lost her way ~ mind you we have had quite a nice warm day here ~ hope you have a great week ahead of you and the Sun comes out and warms you up ~ Ally x

Just Bill said...

Tracy, I should have know better. I have always seen you a great Mom.
You gave all the reasons I used when I raised my kids. Now I am working on the grand children. Shelby will grow into a great,responsible, respectful, level head adult. Mine did.
I always say the best and most important and rewarding thing I ever did in my life wss to raise my childre.
Ain't it hell when they are working on the roads. I hate to leave the house because of that.
Kepp your snow down there. I have had enough of winter.Where is Spring and golf coming?
Love and a hug.

Nelishia said...

Well you know I knew full well what stove up meant. It's sore and mainly your joints are stiff. I'm glad you went on to the babyshower. It sounds funny when you said ten thousand of your closest friends. I couldn't believe it but it snowed here for like three whole minutes. I'm glad that you give Shelby chores. Even Katie has little sized things she can do. She loves yard work and Big Lots had children's tools so this Saturday she got a rake and a hoe and a shovel. Real ones just in miniature and she helped her Poppaw rake the leaves around the steps. She wore herself out and was nearly falling asleep at the table. She got paid though so it was worth it. AND she was proud of herself.
You'd better sit down when I tell you this but I made a journal entry. See. Shocking wasn't it? JK
Hugs, Nelishia

Hollie said...

There's nothing like a woman on a mission!!!!! I also glad that you made sooooo many new friends....(SARCASM HERE) I hate being on the road at times like that. Glad you all made it finally & safely.