Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Saturday Morning

I was up to see that beautiful sunrise this morning. The warmer weather and the sunshine has really kicked me into gear and I am actually getting up earlier and getting some things done around here. I know it is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I am going to be sure to make the most of today for sure. It is still a cool 39 out there this morning, so I thought I would stick around inside for just a little longer before I go out there and get in a full day of genuine farm work. ;)

I did in fact get all the boards and what not taken down from where the pigs made shambles of their old wooden house. Pigs are so strong, they don't realize what they are doing, but they are constantly trying to move things with their snouts, always pushing and scrubbing on things. After I got all the wood stacked up against the garage, SO THEY CAN'T EAT THE WOODEN PLANKING off the wall of the garage, oh yes, they have been EATING the side of the garage off! GRRRRR! Tell me again why I have these pigs??? I came to the conclusion that since they are so destructive, the best thing to do would be to construct something easy. I think I just built the best pig shelter ever, and all it took was a 9 x 12 heavy duty tarp, some wire, a metal fence post and a few staples, and it was done within 10 minutes. Pretty much I guess you could call it a tent, lol. I have it slanted downward so any rain will run off to the bottom and not collect and cave in their tent. Its hard to describe what I did, so I will get a picture of it while outside today. I just need to get some wheat straw for bedding and they will be set.

Today I am starting on the fencing off of the pasture area from the chicken area, which is closer to the house. This will put the big animals out back and the small ones up closer to the house. The big animals always try to find a way to the chickens food pans, so I like to keep them seperate these days. Put out to pasture will be the two pot belly pigs, the two pygmy goats, the horse (only 4 or so hours a day for him, he has to stay dry lotted the rest of the time or he will eat himself to death, literally), and the emus, which are already grazing regularly.

I also hope to get a new pen made up for the peafowl. They have really grown a lot and need a bigger, taller pen. Hopefully I can get some good pictures of them once they are in a more spacious pen.

Ian is gone already, he left at 6 am to go pick up Tex and Jacob to go to the Drag Racing today in Commerce. I know he will have a good time. I will still miss being with him on his birthday. I got plenty to keep me busy though.

I said I would post some more pictures of the neighbors animals Shelby and I are taking care is fowl pictures here goes. Enjoy!








Just checking to see if you are paying attention! LOL! Yes, that last one isnt a chicken, its their pig. :)


I also got a shot of THEIR guineas (used to be MY guineas), a couple of them walking off into the pasture. Glad they aren't mine now. They were just too noisy for me. Patrick likes them, but I don't think Laury likes them so much...sorry Laury. She thinks they are pretty noisy too.

The local farmer that owns the land next door started turning the soil yesterday. I always say that makes it official, Spring is really here now. :)

Y'all have a great day today whatever you decide to do with it. XOXO


Hollie said...

You are such a busy lady. Thanks for sharing the photos....LOL about the pig. I bet you are glad to be rid of the guineas. Happy birthday to Ian. Enjoy your day.......& I know you will:)

Anonymous said...

My Briege would probably scratch the wooden planking to death, but hopefully not eat it. She'd want to eat the chickens if they came round, that is for sure. They eat it? Maybe you should mix some Zyprexa in with their food.

I haven't been out in the country for a while but I can still tell the difference between a chicken and a pig. Uhm, thankfully.

Paula said...

Yeah I did notice there was one pig in the bunch. Its kinda pretty. As if you don't have enough to do you were nice to take on more.

madcobug said...

Great pictures. I hope you got a lot done today that you wanted to do. Hugs, Helen