Saturday, April 18, 2009


So....about 5:30 Shelby and I go on down to the neighbors to feed the animals. Now Ian is in the new truck, remember? He went to the drag races today...and took my truck. SO...we hopped in the old truck, I mean hey...its right down the road...right? Yeah...its right down the road if your DRIVING.

So...we feed the animals and lock up, get in the old truck, I turn the key....

NOTHING...not even a click. I sat there...thinking ??????? It cranked right up when we left! What's the deal??? Of course, because it is...


I didn't bring my cell phone. I mean, we will be right back, right?


Then I remember a while back, Ian and I had gone shoe shopping for him some work boots at a place up in Rome and the truck had done this. Whats the first thing you do when it won't start? You pop the hood, stare at it for a few minutes, willing it to work..then you start wiggling wires. The wires to the battery first, of course. He did, the lights in the truck came on, I cranked it right up. So its a bad connection. That cable needs to be replaced I suppose.

I popped the hood and started wiggling wires. I had Shelby in the drivers seat waiting for the lights inside to come on and to crank it when they did.

SUCCESS! The lights came on, she turned the key...then the lights went off. No success. We tried this again and again. Okay then...lets find a stick, we are gonna have to walk home.

Wait, the mud room is open, maybe there is a phone in there...nope. Sigh...

Shelby breaks a twig off of a nearby bush and is holding it up and says, " Here, I got a stick"...uhhh no, that isnt going to fend off a rabid squirrel, much less a loose dog.

I fumble around under the carport and find a car wash brush with a long metal handle...a metal handle...yep, that is more like it. I unscrew the head off and take the stick with us.

As we walk down the very long driveway...all the horses in the pasture are staring at they are saying, "What are they doing???" You could see it on their faces. For half a second I thought maybe we should saddle up a couple of those horses and ride them home, then I thought better of it. You see, I have never ridden a horse, nor has Shelby. She will, Laury has offered to take her riding with her all summer, but right now it probably wasnt a good I put that right out of my head.

No sooner that we get to the end of the driveway...the neighbors dog across the street comes sauntering over to greet us. I am just not in the we keep walking and the dog gets the message and heads back home.

So off we go, me with my stick, and my purse, and Shelby heading up the walk. All the while hoping no one came screaming over the hill and make roadkill out of us. You know how people drive down country roads, they drive like their butt is on fire and they got to be somewhere NOW.

We are walking and it starts to sprinkle, oh yes, it sure does. Now its going to rain on us? Is that thunder I ask Shelby? was just a plane. At least we weren't going to get struck my lightning to finish off this perfect trek home.

We were walking along...and walking along...and then we were walking along some more. Two people on a motorcycle came whipping by us...the passenger twisting their head around to stare at the two women walking down the road in the middle of nowhere. I grumpily said under my breath, " If your not going to give us a ride...then stop staring at us!" Walking along...walking along...more cars passing us at the speed of light.

Me grumbling..."Stupid pink daisy looking weed flowers...stupid." Nope, I wasnt enjoying myself. You see I had FLIP FLOPS on, and old shorts and an old tank top. You see...I was WORKING outside all day! I was putting up fencing, taking down fencing, putting more fencing back up. I was on a roll...and I coulda finished it too, if I hadn't taken the OLD TRUCK.

But you see, I hate cramming myself into Ians teeny tiny itsy bitsy Mazdaspeed I took the old truck, and I didnt take my cell phone, because if I had, I know plenty of neighbors close by that coulda come and picked us up, but NO...I couldnt be bothered to pick up my cell phone, lets just hurry and get back so I can finish the peafowls new pen.

About halfway home a silver jeep towing a boat came up...and pulled over. It was Micheal, one of our neighbors we know. He pulled over, and he asked if we meant to be out walking or what...he knows me, I don't go walking around here, I work at the house, all the time. I said, no, let me tell you what happened, so I did.

We got home, I thanked him several times and we went in the house. At least I remembered the keys to the house. Sheesh. Now my foot was really hurting, my back didnt feel too good either, and I was completely out of the mood to finish that pen. I just want a shower and I am going to bed. I am SO done with this day.

Now Shelby and I are sitting here together eating away at all her Easter candy, mainly chocolate...soothing ourselves. Its working too.

I called Ian to tell him what had happened.

"You have to twist that wire hard, and why would you walk home?"

Me: Well, because I didnt bring my cell phone with me.

(and here it comes) Ian: Well, I know that I always take my cell phone everywhere with me.

Me: Yes, well, I guess I learned not to do that anymore huh? Sarcasm dripping from my lips...

Me: I am not in the mood, I am going to take a shower and I am done outside. Bring home something for supper, I am not cooking either.


Me: Hello??? Did you hear me?

Ian: Yes, I heard you, stop yelling.

Me: I AM NOT YELLING, I am talking normal!

Ian: Why dont you go and get you and Shelby something.

Me: Well don't you think I would, I dont have any cash!

Ian: Oh

Me: So do you have any money left? Pick up some four for five dollars Arbys roast beefs okay?


Me: HELLO???? Did you hear me? Do you have any money left???

Ian: I got a couple of bucks, yes.

Me: Okay then, pick up something, I am going to go now, drive safe, see you when you get home, love you, bye..CLICK

Oh and Ian also said, So, I guess we have to go get the truck when I get home..I said, YEP

and that is how my evening went, how was yours???


Hollie said...

I can't help but laugh, because that sounds just like something that would happen to me. Back in the summer when gas was $4 & something a gallon...I locked my keys, purse & cell phone in the car with it running at the dollar store. Of course, hubby came & rescued me...he thought it was funny...

Just Bill said...

Tracy, please excuse me for LOL. You sure can make a big laugh out of what had to be a miserable time. Have a better Sunday, Bill

Becky said...

sounds like something I would do!!

Cindi ;) said...

much better than yours, but you had be giggling the whole time...I was in your shoes about a month the fact you sooooothed yourself with CHOCOLATE!!!!My kind of gal ;)

breakaway said...

catching up from where I left off! Sounds like you had a great trip out to your friends. Or maybe not! I am so anxious to see that SLP y ou hatched out! And NICE cages. I can never find anything like that on craigs list :( We have been looking for lumber for our new LARGE coop we want to build next spring. I wanted to build it this spring but we just can't afford it right now. So my Maran's and the blue Ameraucana's have to wait :( I do have the baby bantam cochins though that are keeping me entertained :D They are SO adorable! One bad got me hungry for chocolate and we have NONE! LOL

Donna said...

ROFL! We've all had times like that.

Astaryth said...

Been there.. Done That LOL! Laughing WITH you, not at you. ;p

Indigo said...

I thought for sure at the end of this tale, Ian would of forgetten his wallet at home. Guys really don't get why that would of been a pain in the tush. I know it wasn't hilarious at the time, but you managed to put a good spin on it anyway. (Hugs)Indigo

Fernan said...

Your day was similar to mine, in a way. A couple times one thing leading to another, I mean.
For give me. It feels soooooo good to have someone else to laugh with. LAMO
My weakness? A couple mounds bars.

Lisa said...

I was reading your entries I've missed, you've kept yourself busy and taking on the neighbors animals to boot!! I wish I had someone like you around here to babysit for me. Too bad about the truck but I had to laugh at your description of your walking on the country road grumbling. :)

Happy belated Birthday to Ian. I loved all of your pictures and loved the pic of the pig, so cute.

Adam is my fave too, just love the kid and like you, picked him out in Hollywood week as my fave way back then. He's proven to be a true pro and blows the others away.