Monday, February 2, 2009

Rainy Monday Ramblings

Is anyone else having trouble making their letters large? I still can't get it to enlarge, so I put the print on bold, hoping that would help with being able to read my nonsense. ;)

My my, the rain is falling down steadily here. It is dark, breezy, cool and wet. Good weather to hibernate away for the day. We had a nice weekend here weather wise. Saturday was sunny and warm, and Sunday was sunny and even warmer. My friend Dwain ended up coming over yesterday instead of Saturday. He brought his friend Ron with him. Ron wanted to see my array of animals too, especially the emus.

When the got here I gave them the tour and introduced them to all my favorite boys and girls. Derby followed close behind checking the newcomers pockets. Isnt that strange. After having him for over two years, he still remembers his previous owners always having treats for him in their pockets, so he checks newcomers because we dont carry treats around in our pockets to indulge him constantly. Thats how he came to us a hundred pounds overweight in the first place. We changed his eating habits and he has lost that hundred pounds, but he still remembers, that is evident!

Later we weighed some of Dwains Serama roosters he brought over for me to look at. All but one were too big for breeding purposes. They were all still very beautiful birds though.

I took them over to the Runnin' Wild Ranch to see those folks spread of land with various animals on it. From llamas to bison to zebra, longhorn, west highland, to brahma cattle, they have a little bit of everything roaming out there. I have posted pictures of this place before on my journal from AOL. They enjoyed seeing these fantastic animals.

I had cooked chicken and rice with northern beans with ham in it for lunch. We ate lunch and sat around talking. Ian was home all day too, so he was able to hang out with us.

As they were getting ready to leave I remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures of our visit, but I got caught up in visiting so much I never even pulled out the camera! Maybe next time.

Tex brought Ian 26 more eggs to work today for me to hatch. He went back up to the lady's house that he got the cabinet incubator from and got 12 Polish eggs and 14 Salmon Favrolle eggs. I am going to hatch these for him, and I am hoping with a successful hatch I will be rewarded with keeping these first four I hatched out already. :)

Dwain is also going to be sending Ian home with two incubators of his and 48 eggs from a friend of his. These eggs are from silkies and from seramas. I am getting my hatching itch out this way without filling my yard with more birds...and I kind of like it this way. The only hatching I plan on doing for myself is from the silver laced polish and maybe from the brown red modern trio. The two girls are starting to lay now that they have settled into their new home. Don't worry, I am confident I will be able to give Tex all of this batch of babies back to him, and all of Dwains babies back to him. I know my limits, and though its hard, I will keep myself within my limits.

Last night we went to a friend of Ians for the Super Bowl. I am not a big fan of sports. Ian loves hockey and soccer. He grew up playing soccer. With that said I was exposed to it a lot when we were dating on up until his body just wouldnt let him play anymore without serious injury. After he tore his rotater cuff in his shoulder that was pretty much the end of it. Anyway, the whole time we were there I dont think anyone really sat in front of the tv and watched the football game all the way through. After all, the end is all that really matters. We sat around and talked. Donna, Ians friends fiance' was a great host. She had all sorts of munchies for everyone, wine, beer, cokes...the whole nine yards. Shelby and I went downstairs for a short while with her 15 year old son to see his newly repainted and rearranged room. It reminded me of Ians room when we were dating. Ian had red walls with Iron Maiden posters plastered all over. Her sons was black and red...with Iron Maiden, Green Day, The Ramones, and a few other bands plastered all over the walls. He played the drums for us, but really takes to the electric guitar and played some on that for Shelby and I.

All in all it was an all right time. I told Donna I was just glad to go to someone elses party for a We tend to be the ones that always throw the parties for occasions such as July 4th and such.

I missed the pregame, but heard later that Journey played. Not THE Journey, in my opinion, because Steve Perry is not with them anymore. Since Steve left, they have had two replacements. The one they have now is Phillipino. I looked up the performance on Youtube.

I am sorry, but that is horrible...Steve Perry has been labelled as "The Voice" for a reason. He is irreplaceable. I read up a little on why he left the band. He said it was a hard decision, but he wanted to have a normal life. Part of this had to do with his mother having cancer. His relationship with his girlfriend was not well either. He came out with an album in 1994, of which I didnt even know about until right now! Here is a song from that album that I thought was great...

Now...just so you can hear and remember the original Don't Stop Believin' as opposed to what was played at the Super is..Steve me, he WAS Journey.

Back then in the 80's up above...below is more recent...LOOK at his HAIR! It is so so long in 1994. There is talk and rumour of a new CD this year from him, I will be looking for it.

Above is a link to the VH1's Behind the Music on Journey...its in five parts.


Hollie said...

I know you're enjoying hatching all those sweet babies. I'm also glad that you were able to go to someone else's party for once. I feel the same way...if we don't have the get together or whatever it just doesn't happen. It gets old being the host all the time.

GaylaGal said...

How are you? Your journal looks really awesome!
I'm so excited to see that your getting those beautiful eggs to hatch, especially a Salmon Favrolle! WOW! I hope you post pictures when they hatch. We just got our McMurray's catalog and it makes me miss that we never got our chickens/roosters. Would have been great :(
Sure was a great superbowl!
Huggers, Gayla

Lisa said...

The hatching sounds like it's going to be fun for you to do. I'm glad you had a chance to go TO a party and be a guest for a change.

Yeah, there is only one Steve Perry and only one Journey and nobody else can duplicate that.

Iron Maiden huh...good stuff!

Nelishia said...

I'm thinking about getting an incubator and hatching some for Katie to see. But what to do with them afterward? Dirk won't let me keep them and neither will the area where I live. I think it'd be a good experience for her to see.
I'm so glad you got to go to a party instead of having to be the one to throw one. It is kinda relaxing isn't it? I loved Journey too but missed all that stuff before the game too. We watched it here at home just the three of us.