Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Polish Babies, Phoenix New Outfit

I haven't shown the four polish babies on here in a little while. They have grown so much! I believe two of them are in fact white crested blacks and the other two what was expected, white crested blues.

They are characters I tell you. They are starting to hop onto the side of the box to look out at the rest of their world. A couple of times I have found one on the floor and had to put it back. So, today I found two of them exploring on the floor and decided it was time for the netting over the top. I would hate for them to get out onto the floor while I was gone and get cold and hungry. So I did that, but before I did, I took this video and this picture.

Let me explain what is going on here. I learned from the guys at poultry shows that they train their chickens to pay attention with dog food. Not just any old dog food. Its this here...and at first I was skeptical, because I dont feed any of my animals any by products of any kind. This is an old brand food, but was surprised when I read the ingredients! Just good old by products! So, I got some and my chickens love it. The other day I decided to give a little to the babies...WOW..they thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! not click on the previous link if you use your reader...I deleted it for a reason. Shelby said this had never happened to her before, but a virus was trying to attach itself from that site. DO NOT CLICK on the link I deleted. PLEASE. I will have to try using another host for the video...when I find one that will work without any repercussions I will post the video, my apologies.

I couldnt get Youtube to load my video, so I am trying this link here. Shelby has been using this site and says it is good to use. Let me know if it doesnt work for you and I will try something else.

Here is the dog food I was talking about...


and here is the picture of the babies this morning...


I finished Phoenix's new chicken diaper now he is going to match my good luck shirt when we go to the show in Newnan. :)


Time for me to get back to work around here. Ian is getting off at 3 today and we are going to the store in a little while. I want to be ready to go when he gets here. I just wanted to stop for a few minutes and make an entry before the day got away from me. :) Hope everyone is having a good day today. XOXO


Indigo said...

The chicks are way too cute with the head dressing. Love Phoenix's diaper too. I have a feeling you two will be the hit of the next show. (Hugs)Indigo

madcobug said...

Phonix looks so cute in his diaper. I hope you have inserts for that outfit LOL. You two will be the hit of the show. Your chicks are so cute with their little tuffs on their heads. We used to get dog food like that from Walmarts put out by the Sam's brand when we had our other two dogs. Ken was going to watch a video from Utube the other day and his antivirus stopped it because it had a virus. Someone is trying to mess that site up.Looks like bad weather is headed our and your way. We are under a tornado watch here but the counties above us are under warnings. I don't like bad weather. It makes me very nervous especially since I was in a tornado once. I worry about my kids and kinfolks. Hugs, Helen

Paula said...

The little John Deere outfit is just too cute. I bet you could sell those.

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

Do you have a pattern for your diapers? I ordered some, but the elastic that goes under the belly comes off easily. I have to pin it together and the way you did the fabric all the way under looks nicer.

Lisa said...

I love the clever and so very cute!!!!!

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