Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Chicken House

My house...is beginning to look more like a chicken house...sort of. ;)

Right now I have 56 of Dwains eggs sitting on the counter in the kitchen, waiting to be put in not one, but TWO incubators he provided me with to hatch his eggs.

I have 26 eggs from Tex waiting to go into the incubator I currently have.

I think this is going to satisfy my hatching itch, don't you?

Dwain apol0gized for the two incubators needing to be cleaned up before use, but I can clean them up, no big deal. The one for Tex's eggs is clean, I just need to put it back together and get it running to the steady temperature of 100 degrees.

THEN...there is the box I made for Coco and Kuckoo to go in today, sitting on the living room floor next to Laverne and Shirley. I want to get these two in and bathed and blow dried today.

Then there are the usual daily grind chores. Laundry, dishes, cooking, feeding animals, picking up around the house, homeschool. Oh and I need to make out the grocery list for tomorrow.

I reckon it is gonna be one BUSY day...but the sun is up and the coffee is brewing. Its looking like a very promising day. :)

My younger sister texted me last night after I had already gone to bed. She wants to come and visit me this weekend. I don't mind, but she is gonna have to tag along with me at the show in Calhoun if she wants to see me. I am fixing to kick it into full chicken showing mode today. I got a show every weekend for three weekends, and more birds to get ready for the shows!

Ian says I need a heated lighted house out back just for my show chickens, to house them and keep them clean and ready for show. He says he wonders how much that would cost. Isnt that thoughtful? I know what your thinking, he just wants all these chickens out of the house at this time of the year when I am showing...but I dont think that is it. He doesnt complain about it. He just tries to think of better ways for me to enjoy my hobby. :)

Time for me to go, I got a full plate today. Everyone stay warm and have a good day. XOXO


Hollie said...

I don't think Ian minds at all. He seems like such a sweet & understanding man. I think you have a good one there. Have fun at your up coming shows. I can't wait to hear about it.

Hollie said...

Oh, congrats on your award from Linda May at Blueridge Boomer!

madcobug said...

Good luck in the shows this weekend. Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

Kelly that is a heck of a lot of eggs you have to incubate ~ Yes I do think they will satisfy your hatching itch :o) ~ sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you ~ Ian is lovely I am sure one day he will get you that heated house for your show birds ~ Ally x

Paula said...

At first I thought you were going to say Ian thought you needed a bed by your chickens. He is one in a million.

Karen said...

stopping by to say hello...good luck with the show this weekend.

Lisa said...

Have you thought about getting one of those hanging propane heaters? I don't think that would be too costly, better than electric anyway.

Ian's a keeper. I often think how it would be if Doug weren't so open to the zoo we have. We wouldn't be together, I do know that.

Nelishia said...

It's just as I thought when I met ya'll. He luvs ya.

I hope lil sister could keep you with your busy self.


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