Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Friday Morning

How is everyone this Friday morning? We are doing pretty good this morning around here. :) We were very fortunate to not have had any of the tornadic activity all around Georgia Wednesday. It was raging above our county and raging below our county. It was even raging in the very county I will be going to on Saturday to show the chickens. From the look of the news reports there was a lot of damage down there in Coweta County. Speaking of news...take a look at the local newspaper there...they have a write up on the upcoming show on Saturday. Seems this particular show is really starting to draw a lot of attention.

I am trying to make a clickable link to the article, but blogger seems to be trying out new and different things this you may have to cut and paste this link.

A summary of it is..they are expecting around 2000 entries from 12 states and this show is one of the biggest in the southeast U.S. Very exciting!

I have some more pictures to show from the Monroe show to put on todays entry. I will have so many to show after Saturday, I don't want to fall behind! ;)

Here is a picture of the Silver Spangled Hamburg that won Champion Large Fowl and Champion Continental. I told the guy he deserved it, that he had one beautiful bird there.



The one that got Champion Asiatic was a Langshan. There were four of them, three roosters and one is a picture of one of them, I don't know if this is the one that actually won, but Babe was the Reserve Champion Asiatic up against one of these.


Here are a few more pictures I took of birds that caught my eye at the Monroe show...


Now that I know just how many entries there are going to be at this upcoming show...I am really going to be a nervous wreck! What kind of competition will I be up against? I have a lot of confidence built in my birds from the last three shows...but how will it be at this one? Its going to be HUGE!

So today I will be making sure my birds are as perfect as they can be. I won't put them through the torture of another bath. That isnt really necessary. Maybe just a little fluff blow dry and some extra shine spray...and of course putting the coating of mineral oil on their legs. Babe and Buckbuck will need their feathers just under their vent (nice word for the poop hole) cleaned and blow dried again. Cochins have such big fluffy feathers on the rear that they cant really help but get some poo stuck on their rear.

All the pens and free rangers have fresh water and lots of food for Saturday. No one will need tending Saturday. I thought it was going to rain on me but the weather folks have pushed the rain back to Saturday night. I am thankful and relieved about that.

The eggs in the incubator should start hatching this weekend. (These are Tex's polish and DUccles) I have also been adding eggs from the brown red modern bantam trio I recently purchased. There are ten eggs fertile and growing in there right now...and I have two waiting for a spot in there. In the other incubator (Dwains eggs) things didnt go so well. I am down to two eggs that might still be developing. This incubator would not keep a stable temperature and plus I had to hand turn these, which I had never had to do before. Evidently between the unstable temps and my sporadic turning I didnt do so well. Lesson learned. I need that automatic turner if I am going to successfully hatch eggs, for myself, or anyone else.

Alright...enough rambling. Its time for me to get going around here. I want my birds and I to be ready to take on the world tomorrow!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I will see y'all after the show! XOXO


madcobug said...

Those chicken are beautiful Kelly. I hope you take some prizes with yours. Helen

Hollie said...

Good luck on your show! It sounds like it's going to be a big one. I can't wait to see how things go. Sorry about Dwain's eggs. Better luck next time!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Some of those chickens are beautiful. It's a lot of work to get ready for those showe. I hope you enjoy the day no matter. I'm getting excited for you and I don't know a thing about chickens. I think it would just be fun to be a part of it all.
'On Ya'-ma

Linda's World said...

Don't be nervous, Kelly...We'll be looking forward to hearing about your experience. As they say in show business "Break a leg!" Linda in Washington

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Good luck....don't stress and have a great time...!!


Ally Lifewithally said...

Those Birds are beautiful ~ but so are yours ~ I will be thinking about you tomorrow and waiting to hear how everything went ~ I wish you Good Luck with the show certainly sounds like it is going to be a big one ~ Ally x

peggy said...

thinking about you and your babies, how exciting! We are having fun learning about your lovelies, never knew it was so big. I looked up the newspaper article, just put in times-herald and then used the search box.

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

What gorgeous chickens! I have one show quality hen a Dominique who is beautiful and she knows it! She's only 3 but, already has a small spur, so I can't show her now :(

Good luck in your show! I love your blog!