Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Visit With Grandmama

Before you get all sentimental and say AWWWW to these pictures...I have to give you a reality check. Grandmama is not one of those sweet little old ladies. She is my grandmama and I love her, but she is in a nursing home because she can't seem to get along with her family for any length of time. There is a rocky road to where she is now, but I won't elaborate. Now that she can no longer walk and needs more care than ever it is best that she is where she is. The nursing home she is in is very nice and is actually out in the country right outside a very tiny town that has a little tiny square. Its so small, the only place to go and eat is Subway. So that is where we go to pick up lunch for Grandmama and us before we stop in for our visit.

I left my house around six thirty a.m. and got to Mama and Daddys house around quarter til nine. Traffic on I20 was a parking lot. I always forget that the morning rush on I20 is a nightmare. We still left pretty quick and we were on the road just after nine. Three hours later we arrived at the Subway and Mama and Daddy went in to get the sandwiches and cokes while I dressed Phoenix in his snowman diaper outfit for the visit.

Grandmama was waiting in her room for us. We had a nice spot at the end of a hall to have lunch together. Grandmama always likes to have Subway sandwiches. It is such a nice break from the food there at the nursing home. Not that the food is bad, its just..well, kind of like hospital food you know. Its tolerable, but given the chance, you would like to have something else.

Since there was so much room to spread out where we were sitting to eat lunch we spent most of our visit there at the dining table. Daddy had brought some pictures of my younger sisters visit to Paris and was showing Grandmama those. I had pictures on my camera of Shelby to show her. She hasnt seen Shelby in several years now and wanted to see how much she had grown up.

Grandmama doesnt like the typical things you would think. She doesnt want to be given plants, flowers, nick nacks, wall decor, nothing of that nature for her living quarters. Bring her some candy and popcorn. Bring her some cokes. She loves her news too. She has her views on politics, but we don't like to discuss politics. It always ends very stressfully.

For some reason she loves my little chicken Phoenix. When we are coming to visit she always asks me to be sure and bring him. This time I was prepared and it was stress free with the diaper outfit. Everyone could watch him, hold him, pet him, and there were no worries. Employees and residents alike peeked in many times to see the little rooster. Everyone knows when we are coming and asks Grandmama if I am bringing him. I always do of course. I am glad there is something I have to bring that she enjoys. We went back to the room when it was almost time for us to go. I was doing the driving and I don't like to drive at night so we had a very short visit. Even leaving when we did I still had almost a two hour drive in the dark. We took some nice pictures in the room before we left.

Here are some of the pictures from our visit.

Grandmama and Mama
Grandmama and Me


Beth said...

I'm glad you had such a good visit. I have to say I love the chicken diaper! I didn't know there were such things!

Linda's World said...

Well, it looks like everyone had a good visit, even Phoenix! I don't like to drive in the dark either. Especially on rural roads~always afraid a deer or some sort of animal will run out in front of me. Linda in below freezing Washington state

Hollie said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your time together. Thanks for sharing the photos....

Indigo said...

Paul's mom lived in an assisted living facility before she passed away. The place she was at was the size of a small apartment. Grandma looks regal, I can see her having an attitude with everyone. Love Phoenix in his holiday diaper. (Hugs)Indigo

madcobug said...

Glad that you all had a nice visit. Everyone looked so Christmasy. That diaper looked cute on Phoenix. I hate driving in the dark and avoid it now when I can. Great pics. Hugs, Helen

Lisa said...

Nice to hear you had a good visit. Phoenix is so chic in his little outfit, how adorable!!

I am still going to say Awwwwwww, I like unconventional people!!!

Nelishia said...

That chicken diaper is such a cool thing. Your grandmother is a lot like the elderly ladies I took care of when I worked in a nursing home, and I hope I don't get like that when I get older. I want to get sweet, not sour and bitter. Your grandmother looks like she could have an attitude with everyone she comes in contact with.
I know how you feel about driving in the dark. I always feel like I'm driving by Braille. I am a danger to everyone on the road and to myself. I had to come home through some construction the other day just after dusk and by the time I pulled in the carport, I was a bundle of nerves. Thank you for your sweet comment today.

I miss you.


Paula said...

Your Mom and Grandmamma are both lovely ladies even if Grandmamma is sassy. My granddaughters call me Grandmama. Hope I won't be sassy. lol

Traci said...

I love that you brought the rooster with you! Fantastic! And the diaper. Too cool! Who comes up with these things?!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Gramma does look like a very independent lady! I bet she doesn't take any nonsense from the nursing home staff! Likes things just so too doesn't she? Love the pics too!