Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lets Talk About The Weather

Does weather affect your mood? Especially if that said weather goes on for days? I am very affected by weather. As I sit here writing this we have had four straight days of rain, drizzle, fog, and just dreary weather in general. I know that some areas of the world are saddled with this type of weather for weeks on end. I don't know if I would ever adapt to it. Four days is a very long time to not see the sun at all in Georgia. The ground is saturated. The air stays damp. Its like you are breathing in mist. Nothing dries out, everything stays wet.

Tip, Phoenix, and Clyde are fortunate enough to be inside with Ian, Shelby and myself. We can escape the damp air and the muddy ground by being inside. The other animals on the farm have to endure it. Everyone has shelter, but who wants to stand in a shelter for four days? Especially if your used to going out and taking a stroll around the back half. Goats hate getting wet, so the only time they come out from their house is when its not raining. I haven't seen a whole lot of those two needless to say. The horse hates being wet but insists on standing out in the rain. I still don't understand that. The pigs stay in their house, in their bed of wheat straw. The only time pigs like to be wet is in the summer when its hot. The emus don't seem to mind too much. Their feathers have a waterproof seal so underneath the main feathers they are dry. For four days this has gone on. There is only so much you can do, and then you just have to suck it up and endure it. I have put down so much wheat straw just to walk out around the chickens.

Don't tell me you can't see they misery in these faces. LOOK into their eyes, see their discomfort and unhappiness. The animals mood is affected just as much as mine. This makes me even sadder that they are miserable. What can I do?

The one thing no one can the weather. It is what it is. The only thing we can do is sit and wait it out until the sun shines again and dries up some of our mud.

Here are some pictures I just took of what it has been like here for us. I know others have terrible snow blizzards, others have their plight, but I am just not used to this day after day.


BuckBuck and Babe come to me with pleading eyes. BuckBuck seems to be asking when this dreary weather end.


Blue on the left and Bubba on the right...hanging out on the pool deck to escape the mud, looking in through the screen. They seem to be asking me to make it all better.


Goatmans hair is ruined in this weather, he just gives up and stands there in the rain.

Just look at the ground beneath their little chicken feet. Even with all the wheat straw I throw out it quickly is soaked into the muddy ground.
Photobucket As I walk around to the gate to take the pictures of my layer hens Blue and Bubba follow me around to this side of the deck. Bubba closes his eyes, hunching up against the blowing drizzle saturating his feathers...just trying to get through it all. LOOK. LOOK into their faces, my poor babies. At least the weather is mild right now. It has been in the sixties. That will soon end though. On Monday winter will make a return.
Photobucket Looking out to the right, straight out, and to the left from my front porch. This has been the scene for four days now. I will still take it over the city life any day though. A bad day in the country is still better than a good day in the city for me.

So all you folks that are enjoying the sunshine, enjoy a ray for me and my animals today. I do miss the sun desperately, as do they.


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

We have similar weather here just add ice and snow. I too am tired of the dreariness, I believe my feet are now webbed. Take care with hopes the sun shines on you and yours soon.

Tina said...

I am getting tired of the rain too. and all the animals are looking right at you!
take care, tina

Beth said...

I'm a little more used to dreary weather, because we don't get a lot of sun in Indiana in the winter. So I can "weather it" (ha ha) better, but by the end of the winter, I'm SO ready for spring!

I hope things clear up for you all soon.

Hugs, Beth

Paula said...

Awww your poor babies. Iv'e always heard three fogs and then a rain so I'm wishing, I'm hoping, and praying. Its just messy here too. Need for it to rain and get it over with.

peggy said...

your blog is so neat, I'll be visiting you and our feathered friends, thanks for sending it. Would you change weather with me today, piled up snow at the back door which won't open and drifts everywhere and still coming down? Well, it is beautiful and will make some nice Michigan pictures. take care.

madcobug said...

I believe you are getting more rain and drizzle than we are. It hasn't rained here today but is cloudy with the sun peeking through every now and then. Yes, more cold weather is on the way. Your poor chickens cold and wet too. Hugs, Helen

Pony Girl said...

My horse just stands in the rain (or snow, as of late) too! Can't figure it out. Right now we are on a long round of snow, fairly unusual for us so I am sure my horse's mood is not great, either!
I think weather does affect one's mood, and I know weather changes can give me headaches!
I hope all your critters hang in there and see some happy sun soon (you too! :) Take advantage to cozy up and hunker down with hot cocoa and a good book!

Karen said...

Just read up on your entries. Much catching up to do. Glad the visits went well and you are as ready as can be for the holiday. Now if we can only do something about that rainy weather!

Lisa said...

We have had horrible weather here too, lots of torrential rain so lots of mud. Now it is bitter...I mean beyond freakin' cold.

Yeah, all the animals were really depressed. As you say, you can see it in their eyes. I am the same way, down & out when it is raining. I NEED sunshine and not one of those fake lamps either, real sunshine!!!

Love the pics of your babies...doesn't it just break your heart when they look at you like "why are you doing this to us?"...for some reason they think it is US!!!!

breakaway said...

Oh wow I really did miss alot of your entries! I am still reading! LOVE this entry cuz of all the chicken pics :D GOsh I never imagined I would be such a chicken person EVER! In fact when I first seen your entries I thought to myself "I could NEVER do that" It amazes me what you find "fun" when it comes to chickens! I'm a natural chicken lover I guess ;)