Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Am Back, Now Time For Catch Up

Visiting hours are over til Christmas now. ;) I have gone to see folks, I have had folks come here. My younger sister is supposed to come the weekend coming up, but that is just a leisurely time.

I cleaned and I cleaned, for two weeks I cleaned. Every nook and cranny is clean in this house. Now if I can just keep it that way until Christmas day when friends and family come for Christmas dinner.

So lets back up. I have pictures of things that have gone on and I am backing up to right after Thanksgiving for todays entry. We were invited to Brians twin girls birthday party he was having for them at his house. Shelby is good friend with the girls. It was a typical day as of the past weeks, overcast, drizzle, cool, and windy. Seems that is the theme for this time of year. Once we were there and inside it was better. Here are a few pictures from our visit with them.


Shelby and the girls catching up


Their birthday cake


Official TEENagers now...13


Opening presents


Brian dipped the icecream as folks came by with their plates of cake

It was a really nice visit that day. Everyone lives so far away from us now, its always a special visit when we go to see anyone.

Next up...pictures and an entry on the visit with Grandmama...


Hollie said...

I like the birthday cake. It's so cool. Living far away from family sounds like it can be quiet wonderful... I'm already dreading our get together...it seems like someone always gets mad about something silly....what gonna do though?

Lisa said...

Oh gosh, I want to tear into that birthday cake....that looks so good and full of icing!!!

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Glad you had a chance to see everyone. It is hard to move away and I have found eventually contact is lost so it's good you still see your friends.

Nelishia said...

That is a cute idea for a birthday cake. I should take decorators classes as I've always been interested in that. The party looked like a lot of nice family time. I'm glad you got to go. Hope Shelby had fun too. I bet she did!