Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Posts In One Day

I reckon I need to get a few more words in here before the Christmas spirit takes over this house and I am so busy I don't know whether I am coming or going. ;) We are expecting my parents, my younger sister, Ians dad and Cristi, and Karen and Tiffany for Christmas dinner. After today Ian will be off work for three days, so you know what that means. I won't be around on the computer. Its fine though, I have plenty to do before Christmas day. I have a last minute gift I want to get for Shelby. I need to do some grocery shopping. There are a few things that need cleaning around here. The animals always need something. I guess it looks like I will be back around here on Saturday, so I won't be gone too long.

Take a look at this...


Dad. (Ray)..you know what this is. :)

Last year I recieved this in the mail from Mary and Dad. I still have it, and got many beautiful blooms from it in January. I am anxiously waiting to see the new growth sprout from the bulbs again. Thankyou Mary and Dad. I will enjoy this for years to come.


Speaking of plants..when we went to get our tree at Lowes we found these beautiful bushes of Rosemary on sale for 75 percent off! I got four of them. Gifts for our guests on Christmas day.


While out taking pictures of everything this morning I got a few pictures of Troy being goofy. He smelled something...goats and horses do this. Sometimes you can catch Derby doing it also. It is usually to detect a female from what I know...but I am the only female around this morning, maybe I smell goaty? I think I will have a shower this morning. ;) Sometimes they do this after they urinate on their face (yes, I know, lovely, its supposed to attract the ladies)but he hadnt done that before this face he made. Eddie is still in the bed so I didnt get his picture. He poked his head out and said hello, then went right back in.

I have a silly story to tell, that is one reason I took a picture of Troy this morning. It was around noon yesterday I heard a truck pull up. Then I heard a knocking on the front door. I opened the front door, but left the outer glass door locked. There stood three hispanic men with big grins on their faces and seemed excited about something. I asked if I could help them. One spoke up and pointed over toward the goats area (I am assuming that is what made them stop, there is something about goats and hispanics...I know they like to eat them, I do know that much.)and asked if my animals were for sale. I smiled back and felt like saying "Do you see a sign out here anywhere that says Animals For Sale????" but, instead I smiled and said "No, I am sorry, none of my animals are for sale. You see, they are my pets". They all looked at me quizzically like I had lost my mind. The one that first spoke up said..."What?" I proceeded to tell him again..."They are NOT FOR SALE, they are my PETS!!!" Still not fully understanding why I kept food for pets I guess...they said okay, thankyou, and wandered back to their truck and left.

I get this a lot. I get a lot of hispanics wanting my chickens to eat. This is the second time I have been asked about the goats. I get asked about the pigs too. Sigh....maybe I am crazy, but I love my farm animals as pets. Its just me, its how I am. One persons food is anothers cuddly sweet baby.


Surely they won't see Derby as food? I hope not. Derby has his winter coat now. Here he is this morning sauntering over to see if I might have something for him. He was a bit naughty and tugged my jacket before leaving to my taking pictures. Mouthing is a big no no. Mouthing can lead to biting. We broke him of this awful habit, but he seems to have forgotten that this morning and it surprised me. He knows its a no no though, he jerked away and walked off right after doing it.

I get nervous when hispanic men come by and ask all too enthusiasticly about my animals. I break out the padlocks anytime I am going to be away for more than a few hours, and especially if we are gone overnight. It has been known to happen to other people, their animals disappearing in the night, and not by the usual predators either. I would lose my mind if this happened to me, I would be on the rampage.

Well, I reckon I am going to sign off and see what I can get done around here. I want to wish each and every one a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know times are lean for a lot of us, but if we have someone we love close by, whether it be a furry friend, a feathered friend, a human friend, or a family member, it makes the season brighter. We don't need a bunch of stuff to mark it Christmas...we just need each other. SO from my family to your family...have a wonderful Christmas, and I will see everyone afterwards. HO! HO! HO! ;)


Beth said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Kelli!

Traci said...

That would freak me out to have people coming to the door to ask to buy my pets.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Ally Lifewithally said...

I would put a big Notice on your gate telling everyone NO ANIMALS FOR SALE "Keep Out" ~ Oh Kelly it would freak me out if any one of them was taken away ~ Loved your pictures and Derby looks lovely in his winter coat ~ have a lovely time with all your visitors and a wonderful Christmas ~ Ally x

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like a full Christmas house, have a wondrous day :o)

Hollie said...

I have to agree with Ally. I would put a sign up that says my animals aren't for sale. You be careful going to door.... Thanks for sharing your photos.

Paula said...

John's bulls do that smelling act. I guess that is part of thier nature. His daughter has people stopping by wanting to buy her goats and she doesn't have a for sale sign either. She does raise to sell but not from the house that way and there is a certain time that she sells. They like to barbeque those cabrito.

madcobug said...

Cute pictures Kelly. My sis in law had two women of different nationalalties ask about her goats one day. She thought they were bragging on them, then one of them said "we eta them". She said "NO NO NO" and walked off and left them standing there.
Have a Happy Christmas. Hugs, Helen

Fernan said...

I like your rooster's Xmas spirit to dress for the picture sitting. I'd like to have him over for Xmas dinner. };^))
Somebody's always wanting to buy a calf. We can't do that, or the mother cow won't have something to do taking care her calf.
Its simple. Everybody having something to do, nobody's getting into trouble.
Merry Cristmas to you & your's from ours

JoHn'S wOrLd said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Lisa said...

Oh I was thinking I would be keeping everyone under lock & key if people like that stopped by here and asked those questions. The nerve! I think you handled it well, much better than I would have actually. I love Derby, my goodness he is looking like a wooly mammoth!!!!