Monday, November 16, 2009

Which One?

Oh what the heck, one short fun entry won't hurt. After reading my entry and the previous one, I realize some of it, well, most of it is redundant. I will do better tomorrow.

Now, I was cooking eggs not too long ago. We have some eggs from our free rangers, and then, while I was taking care of the neighbors chickens, some of their eggs. The neighbors chickens were kept up and on layer feed all week. Can you see the difference? Which one is the egg from one of my girls that free range, (they get a feed I mix too, but are allowed to go out and eat all the grass and bugs they want on top of that)and which one is the one from the neighbors cooped up birds?



madcobug said...

I know which is yours. The one with the darkest yoke. Your pictures from below are very good. Helen

Nelishia said...

I know which one. The dark orange one, not the yellow one, and YUM! I know what I'm fixin' in the morning.

Traci said...

Now I want an egg. Mmmmmm.