Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here is a picture of my new friend and the Giant Cochin pullet I brought to her to put in with her White Cochin young rooster.
Photobucket I love this picture so much

Here is a picture of her putting the pullet in with Freddy, the cochin rooster, and a couple of shots of Freddy.


There is talk of collecting the eggs from these two and hatching some out of the incubator for the both of us to have and enjoy.

Below are pictures of the White Crested Polish, which she named Carl the Third. He has taken right to his harem of hens and they all seem happy together.


It is always hard to say goodbye to any of my chickens, but when they are going to such a loving good home like hers, it makes it easier. I know they will be well cared for here.

I think she named the new black cochin Suzie. After watching Suzie and Freddy for a little while they seemed to settle in nicely together. I am glad. It is always nice to have a happy ending.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

The only thing my middle grandson wants for Christmas is chickens....gott'a love that kid!!!

Karen said...

It's been a while and I 'm glad to have stopped by to enjoy the pix. I love happy endings.

Gaboatman said...

Those are some very handsome birds! Glad you've found a good home for some of your stock. Excellent pictures. Happy Holidays!

Becky said...

your friend looks so happy

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

What a wonderful story with such a happy ending. Everyones happy! Hoping your week ahead treats you well. Take care,

Paula said...

Nice picture of your new found friend.

Linda's World said...

What beautiful birds! I'm glad to hear everyone is getting along well. I see you were able to get your background to chnage to a Christmas theme. I can't get rid of my fall orange back ground. I don't know what else to do to change it either. Linda in Washington state

Hollie said...

I know that they will be taken care of.....

Lisa said...

She looks like a nice lady and that is a great pic. I bet it is so much easier knowing they are going to a good place and you will know about their lives with her.