Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Johnny In A Fix/Neighbors Visit

Johnny is my black sumatra rooster. He is not a game rooster, so I don't quite understand why he thinks he has to fight everyone to the death. He has fought through the chicken wire on his pen til it bows out. Staples to keep the wire on the pen frame are a joke so it is wired shut. Tiny and him have had this thing since time began. Tiny does not fight with anyone, except Johnny. Maybe it is because Johnny IS in fact in a pen and can't KILL Tiny, like he would do if he got loose. Once Johnny got loose and had been fighting everyone he could in the yard til he was so exhausted I found him laying on his back in the dirt.

This morning I thought he was dead. He was hanging by his spurs (Sumatra can have several spurs in a row on one leg) upside down caught up in the chicken wire. This happens when he throws out his feet at Tiny to fight. I went to get him loose and he did manage to look up at me. Once I got him loose he still didnt want to move. I opened the pen door and went to pick him up and he hobbled over to the other side away from me. I don't think his leg is broken, but it is sore thats for sure. I am going to let him rest for now, if he will. Tiny went right over there taunting him through the wire and believe it or not Johnny was doing his best to try and fight again. I don't know what is with those two. I ran Tiny off. So that was this mornings excitement. After that I had all three of the emus attention. They seemed to be in the mood for some light petting so I did just that. Some days they don't want to be touched, other times they really seem to enjoy the attention. I know when I get to pet them it gives me a calm serene feeling.

Getting back inside I finished making my coffee and cut a cantelope in half for breakfast. I love cantelope but I only buy it when its on sale. Last week it was on sale and this was a good pick, very sweet, not sour at all.


After I left the guineas with their new owners I decided to veer off one more time and visit the neighbors Jim and Linda. Linda was cleaning her house from where they had had their chimney fixed. The tornado that came through here earlier this year damaged it, along with their garage was totally blown away and half the barn. Jim is supposed to bring me half a roll of hay today that was left over from rolling hay. It will help out a lot in feeding Derby and the goats. They just got a new bunch of cows to add to their existing herd. They raise beef cattle, small scale. We took a drive up to the barn and she was showing me the new pond they are having dug out behind the barn. Something got two of her ducks, but I got a picture of the two she still has. The wood from the demolished garage is being stored in the barn as it is coated with creosote and cant be burned. She said I was welcome to any of it that I may be able to use. I can always use wood planks and plywood. I will go back another weekend and see what I can load up. Here are a few pictures I took while we were up at the barn.



Lisa said...

Good for you getting some hay - it is really expensive here now. Some places are charging 10 to 12 a bale!! Thankfully we got good cuttings this year so we'll have enough for everyone.

Johnny has quite an attitude on him now doesn't he! We have one huge red rooster who likes to pick on the others but when they have enough & confront him he runs away like a baby.

Love the pics, the cattle look really healthy.

Nelishia said...

I'm glad you got some hay. It can be costly I undestand. Those chickens have such personalities and are so like humans. Or is that the other way around? LOL


Beth said...

I hope Johnny gets over his fighting ways. He's hurting himself!

Tina said...

glad you got some hay. and poor rooster. I hope his leg isn't broken. that would be awful.

Malagutigrrl said...

God, I miss living on a farm!!