Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday I looked to the top of the stairs and saw Shelby with her face in her hands crying, sitting on the floor next to her two serama roosters pens.

I quickly made it up the stairs to see what was wrong and Shelby says to me through tears, "I think Rayne died, he isnt breathing or moving."

I could see he was gone. I gave her hugs and consoled her the best I could. When we lose an animal that is close to us around here it is always very hard.

Rayne was just a baby when we got him. He was one of the many seramas I recieved from a very nice and generous young lady that lives not far from us. From day one he took right to Shelby. You could say that he claimed her as his own, following her everywhere and wanting her attention, as much as she would give him, he ate it up. It was that behavior that made him a house chicken right away. I fashioned him a diaper outfit right away. He outgrew it of course, since he was just a young thing, but I intended on making diaper outfits for him and Jackie (her other house chicken)both for the winter.

Rayne was a show chicken for one season. He made Shelby proud taking Best in Breed and Best in Variety back at the beginning of the year. After the season was over she decided she was not going to show anymore and just wanted her beloved rooster to be home with her. He was such a character, so full of life. Seramas are just the liveliest little things, and so sweet. They get into your heart forever.

We agree that there is only one way to spare ourselves the awful gut wrenching heart break we feel when we lose a pet. That is to not have one at all, and to us, that is not an option. For all the love and joy they bring into our lives, it is worth the pain we feel when they are gone.

Rayne, you were a good boy, and we will miss you. -




Woolysheep said...

I'm so sorry to hear about ya'lls bird. He certainly was a beautiful creature.

madcobug said...

He was a beautiful bird. So sorry that happened to him. I know losing him was bad for Shelby. It hurts to loose a pet. Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

Kelly I am so sad to read "Rayne" has gone ~ I can imagine how upset you all are ~ It is so awful when we lose a beloved pet ~ Ally xx

Anonymous said...

My first time stopping by from DAD's tomato blog and what a sad day it is for all of you. Your slide show of Rayne is delightful and will make you SMILE for many years to come...some wonderful memories were made. Thanks for sharing a few with us. ..Joan

Paula said...

RIP Rayne. So sorry for Shelby's sake and your's too of course. Nice to see you back blogging about your beautiful chicks and daughter.