Monday, September 13, 2010

NW Georgia Poultry Show

I usually don't show any chickens in the later part of the year, simply because they are all busy getting naked, so it looks like chickens have exploded in the yard. Yep, its time for everyone that is not under a year old to molt. Time to get rid of the old feathers and in with the new feathers for winter.

This Fall season I have some newbies out of my bantam barred rock show stock (Shelbys former show stock, champion, that is). I sold all but four, two pullets and two cockerals. It turns out people want to buy these good looking birds from me and I am out of them already, so I won't have any to sell at the upcoming shows at the first of the year. I could hatch more now, but I am really going to try and restrain myself and have a chick free winter. We will see how long I can resist the temptation to crank up the incubator.

This past Saturday there was a poultry show at the Northwest Georgia Fairgrounds. The fair is or should have been going on while we were there. It started the day before at 5 pm, and runs through next Saturday night. We found out the hard way that even though it was the weekend, the fair was still not going to open until 5 pm. Seems like a waste to me. The bad part of this is I didnt pack any drinks, snacks, lunch, breakfast, nothing. I thought we were going to get to have some fair food, but it was not to be.

My good friend Karen and her daughter Tiffany, a long time friend of Shelbys came for the weekend to go to the show and hang out at the fair with me. My best chicken buddy Dwain was going to be there too.

We got there about 6:30 am, got my birds tested and cooped in and I put on my apron my best friend Sherry had given me as a gift awhile back (it has chickens printed all over it, of course) so I wouldnt get messy while I was putting the finishing touches on my birds (mineral oil on the combs, wattles, legs and feet...shine spray on the feathers). After finishing that, we started to walk around the still closed fair section. We came to the realization it was not going to open soon enough for our growling bellies and our parched throats so we piled into the truck and took off down the road to find some breakfast. We wanted Waffle House, but believe it or not, there wasnt one. I thought Waffle Houses were on every stretch of highway on every exit. So we settled for Ryans breakfast bar. We got back to the show and milled around some more, I took some pictures of some of the birds I liked along with pictures of my own. Dwain was taking an awful long time getting there, so I called him to see what had happened. No answer, but he called back a few minutes later. Turned out he had had a flat tire of all things. He had to go to Walmart and ended up getting two new tires. He did finally make it thank goodness. A chicken show is not a chicken show without Dwain with me! ;) He is my good luck charm. It has become a superstition of sorts. I only seem to win when he is around. Yes, its true! This time was no different. He was late so I didnt win anything big. I got great marks on my birds, Best of Breed, Best in Variety, Reserve Best in Breed, Reserve Best in Variety, but no trophies, ribbons or plaques this time. It couldnt be helped though. I don't blame you Dwain! ;) You know you are my best chicken buddy!

So the kids were bored. It was a double show, meaning one judge was going to judge all birds, then a second different judge would come around and you would have a second time to win. The first time around it took about three and a half hours. I figured I had plenty of time to get the kids back home and be back before the end of the second judging. Nope. Karen and I threw together a packed lunch for the three of us when we dropped the kids off and we headed back fast as we could. Got back, and they were done! Crazy crazy day. I still had a lot of fun though, because I was at a chicken show, and I was there with two of my best friends. :)

I also ended up buying two birds. A blue silkie cockeral and a porcelain D'uccle cockeral. The silkie is named Percy and the D'uccle Hermes....and yes, we just watched the new Clash of the Titans, so that had some influence on their names.

Here is a slide show from the show. Andy Schneider was there broadcasting his radio show and giving away free stuff and prizes too. You will see a picture of him and one of my chicken friends sons standing with his rooster next to him.

Andy had deemed himself The Chicken Whisperer and he speaks up for the right for all to have backyard flocks. He has a radio show on Blogtalkradio during the week at 12 pm eastern time. Its a fun show, stop on over if your so inclined. He talks about other things too with special guests, but I always like the chicken talks the best. ;)

Enjoy the pictures!


Hollie said...

That was a wild day indeed! We love Waffle House! The chickens are beautiful!

Linda's World said...

You did do a Blog about that?!? I do love chickie that a bad thing? Linda in western Washington

Ally Lifewithally said...

Kelly lovely to catch up with your blog ~ Ally x

Just Bill said...

Kelly, enjoyed the story of your day, even if everything did not go as planned.
Pictures were great, Bill