Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Can't People Just Stop It

Roswell Man Fights For His Chickens

I dont understand why busy bodies just can't leave people alone. This man is doing exactly what I did in Forest Park, having a few chickens. Yes, he has a few roosters, but its not the neighbors that were complaining. I left a comment of support for him along with every other person that left a comment. If you read, there are no negative comments towards him keeping chickens. What happened to this world? Why can't we keep a few chickens in the city? That bird flu pandemic scare didnt pan out the way the government officials thought. It was just fear mongering. Just like mad cow, just like the peanut butter salmonella scare...they blow things up to seem like it is the end of the world coming down on us, then, when it doesnt, we are all still so terrified we don't want our neighbors having chickens. Now that is not what the article says, but it is just one example of what fear mongering does to our freedoms. This guy has the mayors approval to keep his chickens, so I am hoping he gets to keep his chickens. People are ridiculous. With the economy going down the tubes you are going to see more and more people planting gardens, keeping chickens, goats, etc...and why not I say. What is so wrong about being as self sufficient as possible. I tell you what is wrong with it, we might actually become independent and not need the governments interference...hmmmm...okay, enough ranting, I am going outside to play, the sun is finally out! :)


kelly said...

there are so many worse things going on in this world.. and some of the things that these people fixate just ridiculous...these people have nothing better to do with their own lives other than to make other's miserable is sad... I agree with your statement...the Government not wanting any of us to become too independent.. well I hope you enjoy your sunny day..

Linda's World said...

I agree. The people behind me had chickens, including a rooster. Quite frankly I rather enjoyed hearing that guy crow everyday. But, within a couple months...they were gone. I'm sure someone complained and they had to get rid of them. When I was a kid & we still lived within the city limits, we not only had chickens but my dad keep a couple of calves for beef on out 8 lot city plot. I would love to have a few chickens for eggs but would also worry about the racoons & opposums that run amuck in my neighborhood. Linda in Washington state

It's Just Katie! said...

Is that one of your chickens at the top of your blog? He's beautiful. Hoping all works out. Take care,

Nelishia said...

And it's getting worse. Fox News is even buying into pushing the hype to get their ratings up, even though I believe they carry more truth than the other networks. It may become illegal to grow a garden this year. Why they pick on that guy and his chickens when there are so many other real issues in this world.
HEre's a link to what I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Really, these people must not have actual problems. I had a rooster in my neighborhood for a long time, and it is not a typical rooster area, but hey, people have to be able to live the way they want. I looked at it as a good way to wake lazy people up.

A family by us opened their home to the homeless, the hungry, those in need in any way, shortly thereafter they were told their home wasn't up to code, big complicated explanation about having "others" stay in an unsafe home.PLEASE. Someone wants to take in the hungry and the homeless, into their own home, and they get harassed?

There are so many very important things to worry about, we can probably leave the chicken and rooster lovers alone. ~Mary

Hollie said...

I agree with you Kelly! I hope it all works out to where he can keep his chickens.

Christy said...

I totally agree with you. The goverment wans us totally dependent on them.

Marlene said...

Well, you know my chicken story. Marlene

JOHNSWORLD08 said...

What is thus world coming to?? Thankyou for the comment on Grandpa Ted.Would you believe it he pulled thru. He only had 20 percent chance to make it thru the surgery with his heart and lungs being so bad. But he had to have the hip fixed. Im greatful for the prayers.
Take Care

Fernan said...

Tell it like it is girl!
I'm getting so tired of these animal rightists people what insist on changing the animal world. Why don't they just go back to hugging their trees and leave the real animal keepers alone. We've had our share of animal do gooders in our neighborhood over the years. I like it best when a county agent comes and laughs his derriere off over our spoiled mob here. :)

Donna's Secret? Keeping company with a large black tub? (chuckle)

Oh and HBO is getting into the fray. I came in on the tail end of a swine story. Gotta catch it again from the beginning.
Keep your chin up. there's got to be a complainer in every neighborhood what ain't got a life for them self.