Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good Wednesday Morning

A while back I asked permission to use this picture from one of the blogs I read. I saw this and thought it was just so neat! A chicken original! I believe it was over on A Chicken Blog, the first day I found her blog and was browsing through it. Her blog is on my sidebar if you decide to visit over there.

I am feeling better today. I still slept til 10, but, there is promise of warm weather and the sun is out, and I am ready for it. I have a better outlook on things today. Talking to my Mama this morning helped to. She is always in a good mood and it always rubs off on me after I have talked with her for a while.

Peggy, do you know I totally forgot about coming back and talking about that llama??? Shows you where my mind has a fog! So let me tell you what happened over there. I forgot my camera of course like a ninny. After the time we had I really wish I would have. I will have to go back to Joe's soon to take some pictures of the goats, the llama, and Darnell...that would be his new steer, just still a little thing, but friendly and cute as can be.

I went to Joes with the trimmers I use on the goats feet. They are called foot rot sheers, but everyone uses them for trimming goats. I brought the horse lead, but we ended up not needing that. He had a neat little halter leash combo that can be used on anything from a goat to a llama as it adjusted easily. Before I left the house I cut up a couple of apples and a few carrots and bagged them up, thinking along the lines of enticing the llama with the top two treats on a list I found on the internet, of treats that llamas love.

I got there and drove up to the barn, but Joe was down at the old mill house down the hill next to the creek on his property, hammering away on something. I called his cell and told him I was up at the barn. He came on up on is four wheeler. I left the trimmers and the lead in the truck and carried the apples and carrots with me on out to the back pasture where the llama was..and the cutest little steer you could ever want. He wasnt too sure about me at first, but once Joe called him up and he got a taste of what I had in that baggie, I had a friend for life! He followed us everywhere. Too bad we didnt come to catch the steer, that would have been an easy day, but we were there to catch the llama, and he wasnt buying my bag of apples and carrots. We tried herding him up against the fenceline, hoping to get him to continue on up to the opening that led up to the barn, but about halfway down he would cut through some brush and head out to the back pasture. I held out treats, I even through some down on the ground in his path hoping to get his attention for just a moment, but he was just not going to cooperate.

At one point, Darnell, the steer, decided he needed more of my treats right then. Joe said he had never done what he did to me. I was standing there, waiting to head off the llama, Darnell standing next to me, just slightly behind me. By the time I saw what he was doing I just had to brace myself for his weight. Today, being a sturdy gal payed off. If I had been a little gal, I would have went down for sure. He raised up and clumsily draped his front legs on me. I love hugs as much as the next person, but COME ON! LOL! After he had his weight on me I shoved him back onto all fours. Joe apologized and I just brushed it off and said it was no big deal. I have had worse happen on my own property when we first had Derby. I had to tell Darnell that when he got bigger he couldnt be doing that though. ;) I hope he listened to me.

Trying to catch the llama on foot was not going to happen, so Joe got on his four wheeler and tried to herd him up with that as I stood at the entrance of the fence leading up to the barn to corrall him on in. He never got that llama but halfway to me and it would cut back and escape from Joe. After about thirty minutes we gave up. From what I saw the llamas teeth were not bad at all and the feet looked good, but eventually he is going to have to have grooming done. I told Joe if he ever got him caught up to not let him out until he became friends with him and the llama trusted him. I also said if he got him caught to give me a call that I would be glad to come on out and take a look at him.

So thats the story on the llama. He also took me around and showed me all the baby goats and their mamas. One baby was born with only three legs, but got around just like it had four, didnt know any different. I also saw the Great Pyranese he is looking to sell off. He says she does a great job protecting the herd. When the mothers have the babies she eats the afterbirth so the coyotes cant smell it and come looking for a newborn to eat. The only thing she does wrong is she bites the mothers ears while they are in the process of having their babies! She must think the mama is hurting the baby Joe says. There has to be a way to fix that behavior, though I don't know what it would be.

Bill, my husband loves to go golfing, but he hasnt been in so long. He used to go with his dad every so often before we moved. I never went, but they seem to really enjoy themselves when they go. They make a day of it for sure. You always get me and Traci mixed up! LOL! Thats okay though. It wasnt me that met up with another journalor, but I have met up with Nelishia back several months ago. We havent been able to get together since then. She has been sick or I have been sick. I am hoping when the weather warms up we can get together and have a good time.

There is in fact a disorder, called SAD. It is Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I probably do have this, and Patti probably does too.

Fern, I am so glad you stopped in and said hello! I always love to hear from you. I got some catching up to do over at your place. I got to see what you have been up to and getting into lately. ;) Tell Frieda hello for me. XOXO

Thankyou, everyone for the kind and understanding comments yesterday. It is nice to know I am not the only one out there feeling this way, but I don't wish these feelings on anyone. I don't know about y'all but I am ready to dig in the dirt and sweat a little. I am ready to mow the grass. I am ready for it all..bring it on!

This weekend I am building my four beautiful Silver Laced Polish chickens a nice new pen, a secure, coyote and fox proof pen. Once they are in I expect some fertile eggs for hatching to start appearing for me to put in the incubator.

Speaking of the incubator...

About a week ago, I found one of my silkie/phoenix cross girls sitting on eggs in the corner of Derbys barn. I scared her out from behind a bin pushed under the pigeons cage and saw 19 eggs! I candled them and kept five for the incubator that were developing. Who knows what these chicks will look like??? Coming from a funky mutt chicken to begin with, and then who knows who she bred with??? Will be interesting to see what these chicks look like. Thats why I put them in the incubator, curiousity mostly. ;)

I am still putting eggs in from the Brown Red Moderns, hoping no more die in the shell like the last two. I also put some of Dwains eggs in there last night. He sent me 33, but I dont have room for all of them, so I put the smaller eggs in first, the Serama eggs. After several days I will candle to see which ones are growing and the ones that aren't I will replace with some more of his eggs.

Well, its time for Shelby to do school. Ian is coming home at 3 today, and that makes me happy. :) I like it better when he goes to the store with me. Going by myself is kind of boring after a while. Shelby and him tease each other and myself all through the store, its like having two kids instead of one, but they are having fun, and they make me smile. :)

Time to get moving. Y'all have a great day...XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like the chicken clever. Sounds like you are very busy with all those chicks and animals. It's warming up here today and blue skies. It feels wonderful. Still on 31 degrees but that is much warmer than we have been. Have fun shopping

Ally Lifewithally said...

Kelly that is a lovely Chicken Pancake ~ I wonder if they had a mould to pour the batter into the pan ~ Glad you are feeling better today ~ you sound to be busy as usual ~ I always love to read about you animals ~ Ally x

Tina said...

love the pancake! it is 54 degrees here today!!!!

madcobug said...

Cute pancake. Bet ya'll were really flustrated at that Llama. That stear could get dangerous when he grows more and tries that trick again LOL. Glad that you were not hurt and glad that you are feeling better. It is warmer here today but the wind is blowing making it seem cooler. Hugs, Helen

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Nuggets lil eyes were peering over my shoulder and suggested "I" make him one of those "Little chicken kinda pancakes". What's a mother to do? I guess I'll try my best (I'll upload a pic of what I've created). Take care of you and yours as you always do,

Robin said...

I want a chicken pancake!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the chicken pancake :o)