Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Got Into Kuckoo?


This is a picture of a well behaved winning rooster. One that had spent the past two months indoors, out of the elements. He was given a bath and a blow dry without struggle. He went to four shows and didnt attack a judge handling him once. You saw me hold him while he slept on me in that picture. He got to where he was investigating my plate from the perch in the box as I ate my supper each night, and I would share with him! So what happened yesterday? I will tell you what happened.

There was an egg in their newly built pen. Probably a fertile egg. The beginnings of a new line of my show chickens. Like usual I opened the door of the pen, stepped in and closed the door behind me. Leaning over I picked up the egg and WHACK!!!

What the???? what was that??? Did I step on his toe? I wasnt even sure what had happened, until it happened again...and this time he hit home, home being the back of my calf on my leg. OWWWW!!! Dangit! I had been flogged! Ungrateful brute! Had he lost his mind? I KNOW he didnt just do what I thought he did!!!

I turned around and held him to the ground, getting his attention. I picked him up and carried him to the house, straight into the bathroom to have those long spurs removed (You can see them in the picture above), something I should have done before I put them back outside but didnt get around to. I also trimmed and filed his toenails. I learned by accident the spur on a rooster is just a cap of sorts over a tender one growing underneath, a smaller one. It slips right off with a little twist of the wrist and a firm grip with a pair of pliers. There is hardly any bleeding at all, just a few drops ooze from the soft spur underneath. Once that one hardens I clip the sharp end off the new short spur.

The whole time I am doing all this to him he is just taking it all in, not struggling. I looked him in the eye and he was just looking at me, like OH I know you. Maybe it was a case of mistaken identity. Maybe it is just Springtime and his testosterone is overflowing and he couldn't help himself. Either way, I had a hole in the back of my leg and a trickle of blood running down it. He really did catch me off guard. I never even thought he would have done that, but he did. Guess thats what I get for Silly silly man bird.

Okay Donna, you can't leave me hanging like that! How did I save Secrets life??? I went for a visit at your place and saw all about the potatoes and Dennys, and everything. I am going back to read again and leave you some comments, but I didnt see anything about Secret, so please elaborate on what I did to save that sweet little cow! :) Also, I used to use Sevin dust on everyone. It is so messy though. I learned from Jerry and Beth that they use the Frontline Spray on their birds and it lasts a lot longer. They said usually about two to three months. Just a spritz under each wing and above the vent, once on the back of the neck, all under the feathers, on the skin of course, like you would do the top spot Frontline, and it runs off any bugs and prevents any for a long while to come. I have been using that for a while and it seems to work well. Back when I did Hank, I was at Mama and Daddys and didnt have any sevin dust available and I wanted to get him clean too...he SMELLED BAD! I forgot about that until just now...boy did he stink. I dont know why, but he smelled like garbage.

Shelby is actually up early we are going to do school and get it out of the I am off to play teacher. ;) Everyone have a sunshiny kind of day!


madcobug said...

Silly chicken, maybe he was protecting that egg. Glad that you got that taken care of. Hugs, Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hi Kelly I thought the same as Helen ~ do you think he was protecting the egg ??? ~ I know he would not hurt you so perhaps it was a case of mistaken identiy ~ hope you are having a good week ~ Ally x

Woolysheep said...

Do you ever collect the eggs from the birds (regardless if it is for hatching or consumption)? If you do, I betcha they know it and it wasn't mistaken identity and he was protecting his hen and egg. Or maybe he forgot that he's a chicken not a dinosaur. That evolution is a bugger sometimes.

Nelishia said...

I know nothing like the ladies above but my first thought was he was protecting the egg. OUCH about your leg though. I hope you learn how you saved the little calf and share it with us. I 'played' teacher today too. I am tired now.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Silly bird. I guess he forgot how nice he was for sure. I've found that all animals' built in instinct kicks in and overpowers any domesticity they may have at certain times. I'm sure it must have been something to do with breeding too. Take care and hope the leg with the hole in it is ok.
'On Ya'-ma

Paula said...

Sorry that guy hurt your leg but I think you fixed that, huh? Boy! Those people wouldn't like to live here. We have a little of every kind of animal here in our city limits. There is a doctor's office near here and next to it there is a little pasture where cows are grazing sometime.

Tina said...

it was probably that bad ol' testosterone. it gets a lot of boys in
take care