Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feathered Friends


Hmmm, yes, well...a peacocks rear is probably what you expected to see first thing when you opened up todays blog entry from me, but even the backside of a peacock is pretty to me. Emerald hasnt gotten in his big boy feathers yet to impress the girls, but he is working on his angle, practicing. The white one is a boy too, but he doesn't display as much as Emerald does. Right now I can't remember his name, so forgive me.

Okay, so here are two shots that aren't all rear end...



In the fishpond news, it isnt good news. Unfortunately I really didn't THINK ( I know, big surprise) about how HOT it is out here with no shade, and that the pond was BLACK and would just soak up the heat from the sun. I managed to kill the two fish that Teddy gave me. On the upside, she ribbed me about it and said I did in one day what she has been trying to do for sometime now. Nobody seemed very upset to see these fish die except me. I told Ian, Shelby, Teddy, and no one seemed to really care, so I quit beating myself up about it. In light of this, I won't be getting any more fish for the pond until I come upon a good solution of keeping the pond cooler. Shade is the obnious choice but I was also reminded of what I do to keep all the buckets and pails of water cool for the animals drinking water, something that may have saved the lives of the fish, but, the thought came too late. I freeze 2 liter drink bottles filled with water and toss them into the drinking water of all the animals and rotate them out once they are melted with more frozen ones.

On a happier note, my best serama girl was sitting on five little tiny eggs under a pallet laying beside the sultan pen and after 21 days has hatched out five perfect
little babies. Saturday night came a terrible torrential downpour. Lightning, thunder, heavy rain, lots of wind. We were on the road home from Newnan going up Highway 27 headed right for the storm, and it was a storm for sure. I am not going to risk my life for chickens, but as soon as I felt it was safe after we got home I ran out and lifted the pallet and made a pocket with the front of my shirt and put the babies in there and carried mom in. I put them in a carrier and put a heat lamp on them. I was so afraid she would sit on them even if under the pallet was flooded and would end up drowning them. It was damp under there, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Enough talk, here are Sheila and her babies. One picture is of Jack, Sheila, and the babies. :) Daddy had liked this little fellow and I named him after Daddy. After these two paired up, her name became my Mamas name of course.




The duckies have grown so much...I can't tell them apart, but I named them, Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo, and Tod, like the name Todd, except one d, for The Other Duck. ;) They are a fun bunch.


Its time for me to close this entry now. Two days in a row is a record for me isnt it? Maybe I will surprise us all and have an entry tomorrow too. ;)


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Kelly, I have been enjoying catching up with you! You sure have been busy! Linda

madcobug said...

Those peacock are so pretty and they have really grown. The baby chicks are beautiful and I am glad that they were ok during all that rain. I remember that storm going through here, I suppose it was the same one. To bad about those fish.Poor things. The ducks are very pretty and so white looking. Hugs, Helen

Paula said...

Nice to see your pretty animal pictures here again.

Astaryth said...

I do not have (nor have I ever had) one of those ponds. Having said that... I still might have a solution for you LOL! Why not try water Lilies? They are beautiful, would shade the water and might even be a food source for the fish! The other solution is to figure out where the best source of shade would be (i.e. what would block the sun at the hottest part of the day) and put a bench or even a bench with a trellis or umbrella to block the sun during the hottest part of the day.... don't you just love when people who don't have something still want to give you tips on what to do with it? ;p

Loved the peacock pics. They are such cool birds.

peggy said...

Sheila is gorgeous!!!!

JOHN said...

So good to se you blogging and posting pics.I love it and cant wait.A third day would be great.Wont you stop by mine and see all my animals.Ok two dogs and turtle,but come and check them out. Take Care

Linda's World said...

Kelly, those little chicks are darling. You're such a good mama to all your critters. It seems you go above and beyond what most people would do. The peacocks are beautiful. There's place called Mary Hill Museum down on the Washington side of the Columbia River. They keep peacocks on the grounds because they apparently will kill any rattle snakes that slither in from the surrounding desert area. Have you ever heard that about peacocks? Linda in Washington

Lisa said...

All of the pics are gorgeous but you already know your animals are beauties!!! Sad about the fish. If you put plants in...lillies in pots or floaters it might be enough to keep it from getting so hot. Just a thought. Good to see you again.