Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Introductions

Today I thought I would post some pictures and introduce some of my babies that have grown up and become a part of the flock out in the yard. You may remember the four polish I originally was hatching for Tex, or more for Debbie, his wife. I have named the two boys, they names just came to me, as will the girls names. They are still VERY friendly. The girls will come up to me and jump right up on my lap and then onto my arm and up onto my shoulder. Yesterday while taking pictures the little black polish pullet flew from the ground up onto the top of my head! Not that she had very far to fly...as I am only five foot four inches.

This is Samson. He has taken a particular liking to Ian. Ian was out there turning over bricks and such finding grubs and plucking them out of the ground and feeding Samson these delicious chicken delights. I think Ian has a buddy now, Samson followed him everywhere that day and I am willing to bet will not forget him the next time he is out there. Samson is a mover and a runner. Not for being afraid of us, he is just wary of the older roosters out in the yard. If they get to close he will run. He wants nothing to do with a fight from them. So, with that said, some of the pictures are of him on the run, and are a little blurry. Some are better than others.






As you can see, he is a lanky little thing still...he has a lot of filling out to do, but shows great promise of becoming one of my show birds next February. It helps that he is so easy to handle and quite friendly.

Next we have Einstein. Yes, I know it may be a bit contradictory to name a chicken after a genius, but just look at him, he LOOKS like an Einstein! It just came to me while sitting out there watching everyone. He is the one at the top of my header. I don't know why the picture didnt resize like usual, so I apologize for the huge stretched out page. I will change the picture soon.





I am also hopeful Einstein will be able to be one of my new show birds. I think he is already filling out nicely, just like his brother. Oh yes, they are brothers. You see, their mom was a white crested blue, and their dad a white crested black. That makes for blacks and blues as babies.

Here are a few pictures of their sisters..yet to be named, but I can feel their names coming to me soon, right on the tip of my tongue.

They are all close ups...as these girls are all over me and it took some doing getting the blue girl to stand on something besides me. The close up of the black, well, she is on my arm. They are really very sweet girls, I love them so much!




The day is getting away from me, and I can't have that..so I am off to go outside for a bit. I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


Hollie said...

Beautiful birds! Thanks for sharing. I think your names just suits them; especially Einstein. Enjoy your day!

Oh, by the way....you got any sun up there? If so, please send some my way

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They all are lovely. How great it is that they are so friendly. Back in the days we would visit the grandparents farm...chickens were not friendly at all. Of course they were not show birds but egg layers.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Super Cute!!

We've got sun ....but....the temp is in the high 50's....yikes!! Is this May??!!


Indigo said...

I loved seeing picture of the babies grown up. Einstein cracked me up. (Hugs)Indigo

Marlene said...

HI Kelly, I like Einstein. He has a look kinda like "WHAT? You mean I'm not perfect??? Also are you saying POLE ish...or POL ish?

madcobug said...

They all turned out to be beautiful birds. I suppose Ian has made a friend for life. That was good of him to hunt grubs for him. Hugs, Helen

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh you have such pretty birds! I just love the names! Don't you love the way they begin to trust you and jump up for you to hold them or run out to greet you? Chickens are such sweet friendly creatures! blessings,Kathleen

peggy said...

It's so good to see you are back, you have been really busy, but we missed you!!! I think your new birds will all be winners, I like the guys, Einstein is uncanny..(he has that Einstein look in his eye), and Samson will be your strong bird.

breakaway said...

Those polish are beautiful! My polish girl was the same way...always followed me around and jumped on me every chance she got. I love the blues!