Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Florida Vacation Part Four

I am making at least two entries today. I have made one below adding to my family's vacation story, so don't miss it! :)

One of the mornings I managed to wake up early. I was ready to capture that sunrise and see the world come to life from a night of slumber.

As soon as I could see well enough I went down the lighted path over the dunes to the last steps to the beach. I sat there on the steps for a few minutes til I could see better on the beach. There was an older couple sitting in chairs waiting on the sunrise together. It was so sweet. Later they pulled their chairs to the water and I took a picture of them. This is where I want Ian and I to be one day, watching that sunrise and enjoying our retirement years on the beach.


Here are some shots I took before sunrise...and then just after, and on into the morning.

I have an actual video loading of this sunrise. It is taking awhile, but I will post it as a seperate entry after it finishes.

Thursday was a laid back day, we didnt do a whole lot. Ian was burned up and Shelby was tired. I of course, was still rarin' to go. I couldn't get enough, but I soon gave in and relaxed with them. The next morning I sat on the back patio and took this picture. Soon after we were packed up and back on the road. We took the scenic route up the A1A home. As we passed some of the homes for sale on the highway we pondered and began to talk of how if we were going to move here, we should really go all out and do it up and get a place actually on the beach. Yes, there are VERY expensive homes that are actually on the beach..but...we started looking...and that, is a story for another day. ;) I will post the video as soon as it is done uploading onto Photobucket. Thankyou all for coming by to see me. I really appreciate the comments and visits. Its time for me to get going and get some animals fed and watered this morning. Y'all have a fantastic day!

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love your stories of the beach. How wonderful to watch the sunrise there.