Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As usual I am behind on blogging. I am really not as good at this as I used to be!

We had some winter weather here last week. There was not an abundant accumulation of snow. What did happen was it fell when the roads were right above the freezing mark and then after dark it all froze over to ice. It didnt get above freezing for days. With the wind blowing constantly it did dry up some streets, but a lot of them remained slippery.

Ian has and always will make it to work come hell or high water, or ice in this case. He leaves so early that it isnt a problem of other people being out. That afternoon when it hadnt melted though, I was worried about him getting home without playing bumper cars with everyone else on the road. He did take the truck. I didnt want him in his tiny little car against all the SUV and other trucks out there. Better the truck take it than him. As it turned out I had nothing to worry about, he made it work and home with no problems.

Here are a few pictures I took the next morning. Nothing to write home about, but the roads were treacherous for sure.






I don't know why people refer to the word 'pansy' when talking about a person who is a sissy or whatever. Pansies are TOUGH little flowers. I watched my four pots of pansies freeze and come back from it for two weeks straight. This deep freeze finally did them in though, they can't take the nights in the teens night after night.

We have a warm up in store for us, and I for one can't WAIT. I am very excited about it. Tending animals in this brutal cold is no fun, and you know its not fun for them to be out in it. Breaking up ice, pouring hot water on solid blocks of ice day after day, just so they can have water to drink. Not my idea of fun, and I am sure they dont like it much either.


Lisa said...

LOL, yeah, pansies are tough little flowers. I'll be called a pansy any day!

madcobug said...

We didn't get much snow either but did get that cold weather. Bring spring on. Helen