Monday, December 7, 2009

Didn't Do That, Not Going To That...

Well, we ended up not going to the parade. I hate it, but Shelby wasnt feeling up to it. I had worked her too hard I guess cleaning up some upstairs. Ian had been at work for hours and hours. By the time he got home and got settled, he was bone tired. I was sitting on the fence anyway as to whether I felt like going, as I had done some work of my own and was feeling a bit tired myself. Seems like when dark thirty hits, even though technically the day isn't over, it is over, because its cold, and its dark.

Eh...oh well. We got to see them at the stables face to face. I looked up some Christmas parades of them on Youtube. Not the same, but thats okay.

There is another bantam chicken show this coming Saturday. I would like to go, but with Christmas right around the corner I don't think its a good idea to go. It does cost money. Money to enter, and lots of money in gas to get there. This one is kind of far away, over a hundred miles away. Its not one of the 'GOT TO GO' shows anyway. Those come started January 30th. There will be shows for four weekends in a row starting with this date. Those are MUST GO shows. I will take some of the bantams I took before, but the large fowl is really my thing.

I did however get our 'Christmas tree' decorated. I must say, it looks quite festive. I want to add some tinsel to the tree tops first though...before I show a picture of it here. Shelby doesn't quite know what to make of it, as she has always had traditional Christmas trees. I guess her parents are getting a little loopy these days...having pygmy date palms for a Christmas tree. ;)

Ian and I spent yesterday doing some yard clean up. It was cold and overcast most of the day. By the time the sun poked out for any length of time it was almost time for dark thirty. He cut up the old pool liner, most of it, with a saw zaw, bagged it, and we took that along with other trash to the dump. We burned a lot of sticks and twigs from where I had chopped back bushes awhile back. He still has to chop up the old rug from the porch so we can dispose of that, but time was short, and daylight fades fast this time of year so we stood and sat around a small fire for the remainder of the daylight, about fifteen minutes, then went in for some leftover chicken and dumplings to warm our bones.

Chores left to do outside are hard to get done. Just a little at a time. I managed to get some hay spread out in the emus hoop house, but I need to replace the old tarp with new before it rains again, which is tomorrow I think. I got their new stock tank set up and filled. Uhhhh...uh right back...

Well thats forgetfullness for you. I had it filling last night, the hose on just a little bit. I had told Ian when I was standing there at the fire not to let me forget to turn off the hose when we went in, but he forgot to remind me, and I just plain forgot. So..yeah, I just went out and turned it off. The bad thing is, their stock tank is close to the young polish's pen. I HOPE it didnt flood that pen. It is hayed down thick, but I still HOPE its not flooded. I will have to check it shortly. BIG OOPS there.

So what's on tap for today. Well, I got an appointment, just a check in, check up kind of deal with the diabetes doc. Since changing my dosage my numbers have come way down and are steady and under control. Doc should be happy about this, as am I.

Other than that, its just laundry, school, a bit of cleaning and cooking.

Oh I do have to go up to the Kroger pharmacy and exchange my lancets. I am beginning to think going to the pharmacy is like going to a fast food drive thru, you better check your bag to make sure you got what you asked for BEFORE you get home, cause you don't want to have to go all the way back to get the RIGHT order.

When I first started all this, I had to go get some needles. The kind that go on the pen type insulin dispenser. I got up to the Kroger in Rome, and they gave me a box of needles, but asked me if these were the right gauge needle. Nope, they were not. I need the Novafine needle. Well they didnt have those in stock. They called around to other Kroger pharmacies until they found that Cartersville pharmacy had a box. So I got them from there. This time, I went to pick up my test strips and a box of lancets. Lancets are the little finger pricker doohickies that you insert into the spring powered whatchamacallit that makes it poke your finger. I got home, didnt really think much about it til the next day. I opened my lancets and they might as well given me a set of kitchen knives to slice open my hand with, as these were tiny flat spear looking things, I swear, you could have carved a turkey with them. Okay, maybe thats exaggerating a tad, but it DID say for optimum blood flow on the box. I'll say! So I called them, told them I need the THIN lancets. She proceeded to tell me that my prescription did not specify thin lancets. I said OH YES THEY DO, the label for the prescription clearly states THIN lancets on the first box of them I recieved. This is a REFILL. OH..okay. She says. She says they have thin lancets in and she will set a box aside for me to exchange. So I am going to do that today. It's not even a PILL prescription, its a prefilled BOX of lancets. All they have to do is read the box, slap my label on it and hand it over. I am not even mentioning that I called this in the day before, and when I got there the next morning, they didnt have any, but they would be in at one o'clock, and thats when I picked the WRONG ones up. If they had thin ones in at that time, like she says, WHY didnt I get those? Oh yeah, because my prescription didnt specify thin, oh but wait, YES IT DID. Good grief. Like I said, its like a fast food drive thru.

Okay, mini rant over. I guess I am just not cut out to deal with the public for any extended period of time. ;)

My girls weren't giving me any eggs at all. I actually had to break down and go over to Carlton Farms
and buy some eggs from them. I have to do this every year about this time. I still won't buy eggs from the grocery store. On my way back I dropped a dozen off to Jim and Linda, good neighbors of ours not far from here. They had been asking for eggs to buy, but I just didnt have them. This time of year the girls that are not too old to lay are molting, and who wants to squeeze out an egg in this kind of weather anyway. Jim wanted to pay for them but I said no way was he going to pay for them, especially after dropping that huge round bale of hay off at the house. (He does that, I come out on the front porch and just notice a huge round bale of hay sitting in the front yard up by the fence from time to ) He is a good neighbor. So I got home that evening, and guess what I found the next day in one of the laying boxes...well of course, three eggs! :) Guess they heard me crying about not having any eggs for breakfast on the weekend.

Well its time for me to stop lolligagging around and get to work. I already got all my little chicks fed and watered in the porch. Those two little heaters I bought at Tractor Supply are doing a great job of keeping it warm in there for my little chickens. Ian is so tolerant. The whole back porch is enclosed in plastic and is housing most of my little chickens and a dozen rhode island red chicks.

The pigs found the run in. The have claimed one corner of it for their sleeping quarters for the winter. I can't really blame them. They say pigs are smart. They would be dumb to stay in their hoop house over the run in, so I say they are smart. It has been built for the llamas though. The pigs and the llamas seem to get along okay, so I think they are all using it together. The pigs don't stay in there during the day anyway, unless the weather is really bad. I still need to take a picture of Ians handiwork. I am proud of him for building it. :)

Okay, now, time to go, got plenty to do. Just felt like rambling on a bit this morning on my blog. Have a good Monday all.


Hollie said...

Busy, busy, busy as always as your house. I can't wait to see your tree.

madcobug said...

You have been a very busy lady. Don't it aggravate the daylight out of you when your prescriptions get messed up? Just a case of some people not doing their job right. I hope you can get a lot of work done in this colder weather.Makes a body want to stay inside where it is warm. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love your expression dark thirty. I do know what you mean it gets dark and all I want to do is go to bed.
I'll be borrowing that expression and using it from now on.

Fernan said...

KC the chicken farmer was in the fertilized egg business. She had several hundred young layers (hens), called pullets, and eight or ten roosters, whose job was to fertilize the eggs. The farmeret kept records and any rooster that didn't perform went into somebody else's soup pot and was replaced.
That took an awful lot of her time so she bought a set of tiny bells and attached them to her roosters. Each bell had a different tone, so KC could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing. Now she could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report simply by listening to the bells.
The farmeret's favorite rooster was old Butch, a very fine specimen he was, too. But on this particular morning KC noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! KC went to investigate.
The other roosters were chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing. The pullets, hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover. But to Farmeret KC's amazement, Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't ring. He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.
KC was so proud of Butch, she entered him in the county fair and Butch became an overnight sensation among the judges.
The result: The judges not only awarded Butch the "No Bell Piece Prize" but they also awarded him the "Pullet Surprise" as well.

peggy said...

Fernan is so funny! Hi Kelly, It's so nice to read about you again. I have a friend who is struggling with diabetes I hope to get her reading here. I hope she can get to be the power house you are. Never heard of dark thirty, tell us where that comes from. Have a good weekend Kelly.