Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The State This World Is In

I have a lot rolling around in my head this morning. I thought maybe if I got it out here it would help relieve some of the pressure on my brain...and my heart. This entry may seem disjointed at times and it is about the good and bad of people. This is how I see the world. Everytime I hear or see the ugly truths of what human beings are doing I try to remind myself that there are also people out there, good people, trying to stop what the bad people are doing. Without them, there would be no hope.

I see our government imposing all these new rules and regulations, laws being passed, all to 'save' us from ourselves. To 'protect' us from ourselves or other outside sources. The fear they have put into people has allowed people to let it happen. They couldn't get away with NAIS, so now, they are going to try and pass a law that will control all food supply. Google S 510 and you can read all about what is going on. This is Monsanto, this is big AG, this is the big boys taking your basic freedom to choose what you eat. They say it will make the food supply safer, but I only see control. Back yard gardens, farmers markets, roadside stands, the little going to be shut down. Oh no, they will try and alleviate your fears, reassure you with a bunch of nonsense talk, but its just one more freedom lost.

There are so much wool being pulled over everyones eyes. The government is too big, too powerful. The people have no power. You say we have a vote? Yes, well who are you going to vote for anymore? They are all ready to jump in and control something or other. The only difference your vote will make is if you vote for the person that is against something that affects you. There are so many gray areas now, its overwhelming. The government has every right to listen to your phone conversations, snoop around in your computer, every privacy you thought you had is gone with the Patriot Act. I don't care, I don't think Joe Blow down the road riding his four wheeler through the woods hunting deer is a threat to the United States security.

I just read some article that the government wants you to share your retirement money with them, your 401K. They want to take half of it to help you save it or some baloney. It doesnt have a thing to do with the fact that the government is in the hole and the housing market is collapsing, people have no jobs, the economy is in the toilet.

I used to just think to myself maybe I was just getting more cynical with age. Ian and I had a conversation the other day, and with all that is going on...we have decided we are not just becoming cynical and griping about things the way our parents did, and their parents did. Nope. This is really happening.

I used to think storing food, ammo, water and other necessities was overkill. Maybe not. Maybe by the time I can see it is will be too late. I am stilll not sure. I admire the people that already do this as a way of life. They have wood stored up, they have a whole room dedicated to shelves and shelves of canned food right out of their garden. No geneticaly modified organisms will be in that food. You have heard of GMO's haven't you?

Every day I see signs that we are just guinea pigs for them. They are finding out that the wonderful chicken pox vaccine your child took to prevent chicken pox is now showing up as shingles. You see...our bodies get chicken pox only once, then we are immune, but, it also makes us resistant to shingles which is in the same virus family as chicken pox. By preventing chicken pox you have set yourself up to have shingles. I remember when this vaccine first came out and Shelby was a baby. They asked me if I wanted it for her. I said no, thank goodness.

So many recalled drugs. Did you know that heart related surgeries are more often than not unnecessary? Try googling Unnecessary heart surgeries. The doc gets his though doesnt he. So does the insurance company that keeps going up on your rates year after year.

The internet has exposed horror after horror from undercover cameras in the U. S. about how animals are killed for our consumption. The cruelties they must endure before they get blessed relief from death. Chickens stuffed in cages all their lives to produce eggs til they are spent. So depressed even if they have the fortune of being rescued by an organization such as Farm Sanctuary they stand in one place, defeated, closing their eyes, closing out the horrors they have endured for so long. Cattle, being turned upside down in a kill barrel to have their throats cut, only to be dumped out onto a bloody cement floor to scrabble about until bleeding to death. Over seas...undercover videos of fur farms. Animals being shocked, their fur being stripped off of their bodies while they are still alive and aware. Cats and dogs in cages, diseased, unhealthy looking, waiting to be chosen on a street market to be someones supper. Dolphins..laid out on a fish market floor with their throats slit to bleed out. I ask myself, what kind of human being can do this over and over to a living breathing feeling animal, day after day, week after week, year after year...for money. How do they look at themselves in the mirror? These people...are they dead inside themselves? I do not know, but it is scary to me.

I do eat meat. I am not vegan nor vegetarian. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Just because a wrong way is cheaper does not make it better. When you kill an animal to eat it, it should have lived a very comfortable life up until its moment of death. Death should be swift and painless. There should be no suffering. This animal is giving up its very life so that you may eat, and we should be respectful of that animal and thankful to that animal. These old barbaric ways I see should be outlawed. There is so much that needs to be changed.

Now I come to what I watched yesterday evening. I finally watched The Cove. This film is about the slaughtering season of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. The very man that trained the original Flipper dolphin back years ago, and was also in Flipper the tv series heads this movement up. Every September through March dolphins have a migrating pattern that comes through Japan. A bunch of fisherman corral these dolphins in to trap them with nets in coves. People can stand on a bridge and see this, but what they do not see is what happens in the other coves. The water becomes red with the blood of the dolphins that are not chosen to be sold to theme parks for 150,000 dollars each. They are brutally slaughtered, repeatedly stuck with spear type tools until they have bled to death. They are strapped up onto boats and pulled out to be processed.

The majority of Japan knows nothing of this. It was discovered that the dolphin meat was toxic, very high in mercury, so markets sell the meat as whale meat to disguise this. High amounts of mercury will do all sorts of damage to us. It messes with the brain connections and you lose motor skills, all sorts of things. There was a similar 'disease' they called it back in the fifties I think it was that was not a diseaess at all, it was discovered a company was dumping its toxic waste into the water and eventually it affected the people, babies were born disabled and later deformed. It is going to happen again if people aren't informed of the dolphin meat they are unknowingly consuming.

There is so much more in the film. If you have not watched it, it is a must watch if you care about the planet we live on. What I have told you here is just a fraction of the film. At the end, it was gut wrenching to watch, and when he walks into the room where many representatives from many countries are debating and present with that slaughter playing on a screen strapped to the front of his chest the delegate from Japan is trying to convince whaling to become legal again, saying the killing of the dolphins is much more humane and they are quickly killed...when the video that is playing shows otherwise. I burst out, crying, ashamed, mad. My hands pulled to my mouth covering up the sounds I wanted to make, but also mixed with feelings of joy that this man who knew no better back in the chose to rectify his wrong and to try to change the way things are going.

Every day, the sun comes up and it is a new day. Today, I cannot go back to how I felt yesterday before I saw that video. Everytime I see and hear about things that I have spoken of in this whole entry it rips away a little piece of my faith in man. There are people out there fighting for what they believe to be right. It doesnt matter if its about our laws, our food, animals, even human rights. There is a right and a wrong, and these people remember what is right. Without them we would be doomed. I don't know if its enough. I hope it is. That is what keeps me going. The hope that the good will win out over the bad.

My days of innocence are gone. I am grown and I see things for what they really are. The rose colored glasses are off. How do you go about your day with all these things happening. How do you remain happy...when you know that each day our government is taking more and more away from us, using fear tactics to make us believe they have our best interest at heart, and us believing in a system that was broken a long time ago because it became fueled by greed and power instead of love and concern.

I used to believe moving out here to the country would isolate me from the outside worlds horrors. Although I don't have to put up with neighbors noise, cars going by with loud radios, and all that comes with city life, I can't get away. The government is bringing it to our doorstep. They are going to tell us what we can and cant have, what we can and cant do, what we can and cant grow in our own back yard.

I don't have the answers. If I did, I would act on them. For those that say to themselves "Things arent as bad as you think they are", I beg to differ. I don't know what it is going to take to turn this world around, I really don't. I see so much beauty in nature, but we humans tear it all down and tear it all up to make it our own twisted version.

I will continue on with my family life, with my farm life, with this life I have been given. I love my life very much. I just feel tainted. Like a white linen table cloth that gets more and more stained with spills each day.

So many issues, so much to ponder. It is very overwhelming, especially when you feel like such a very small fish in a very big pond.


Kathy said...

Kelly, I feel your frustration and your pain & I think you are correct. We are not griping to gripe. All these things are happening now and it's a tough pill to swallow.

What needs to change? My list is long. Parents need to parent: teach their children to care, to be compassionate.

We all need to 'go back' to living a moral, ethical life and making sure that we teach others by the example we set.

We all need to stand up and stop being afraid to be strong and capable and vocal.

You just did.

Paula said...

Such an overwhelming true entry that I don't even know what to say. Recently I recieved an e-mail saying we were going to be ask to answer the question Do We Own A Gun on our income tax form. I don't know if this was a hoax or not as I'm sorry I deleted it but if its true what will that solve? If they take our guns away the crooks, robbers, and dope addicts will still find a way to kill and maim as usual. I don't know the answer either but I wish I did.

Lisa said...

We must pray very hard for God's protection during these times in spite of what the government is trying to do... and yes, I am with you, I hope to stock pile up a few things... I am very concerned about the gov't thinking they can tell us what we can grow in our own back yards. I'd like more information on that part of things. I don't know what we can do about what they are doing to animals except keep speaking out and yes, it sure is a big mess. I like everything you had to say in your entry. Speaking up about your concerns , our concerns, because these things affect all of us, is very important to preserving what freedoms we have left. I too am sick of their fear tactics and am determined to not be afraid... mustering courage in my heart for these times ahead...