Monday, November 1, 2010

Shelby's 16th Birthday

Sunday October 24th was Shelby's sixteenth birthday. Time passes so quickly these days. She has grown into such a beautiful talented wonderful young lady. I think Ian and I have done a pretty good job raising her so far in her young life.

We had a few friends over and had a cookout. Baked beans, french fries and baby back ribs. I will never live it down, because I do make awesome fall off the bone ribs....when I smoke them for a few hours. When I am in a hurry and put them straight on the grill...well, they don't turn out so good, they were overcooked and of all days for me to rush a good will forever remember the ribs, tasting like charcoal. I am truly sorry, but whats done is done, and from now on anyone coming to have baby back ribs at my house will just have to wait for them to slowly smoke from the smoker. Indirect heat makes for much better ribs let me tell you!

Shelby recieved her birthday gift from us early. She had been wanting a ball python, but not just any regular one, an unusual one, so we had been looking up breeders online and found a good one in PA, but it just didnt pan out this time. The one she had picked out got sold before we bought it, but she says it gives her something to look forward to next year.

Poor Ian, he says to us, "Why is it when anyone wants anything around here it is always an animal? Shelby, don't you want a video game or something?" He said it in jest, not in anger of course. If you have been reading for any length of time on my blog you know we love our animals, and have many. Shelby responded that YES, she did want a video game too. ;) Mawmaw and Gaddy had that covered.

This is Bandit, her new young ferret. I must say, I have never laughed so much and for so long. He is totally entertaining and so much fun to play with and watch. He makes a great buddy for her. He lives upstairs in a big kennel, of which we modified for ferret fun and living. The cage you see him next to was temporary til we got him fixed up in a bigger home.


It was a wonderful birthday with great company. Karen and Tiffany were even able to stop by that evening and visit for awhile. Here are some pictures from her birthday.




Barbara said...

She'll look back, remember, and know she was loved. That's the best gift of all.

Life & Faith in Caneyhead

Ally Lifewithally said...

The pictures are lovely ~ I can see that Shelby had a wonderful Birthday ~ Ally x

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very pretty pics. hhope you really had so fun on this your BTHDAY!! my cangratz